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Frameless Fabric Light Boxes, Types and Applications

Attract More Customers with Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

Find out what type of frameless lightbox you need with this content.

Posters are essential for marketing and are widely used by businesses for advertisements. They are a great way to inform the public about products and services. Signs help lead more people in the store without having to talk to them personally.

The problem is, you are most probably not the only business in town. You might even have competitors or other companies that offer the same services or products that you sell. Therefore, aside from yours, there are plenty of other posters that people can see on the streets.

So, the question is, how can you make your posters stand out? Sure, you can print a huge one, that is very noticeable, but that can be too intimidating for customers. If you go that route, there are chances that people will ignore it more than taking the time to read what is written on the poster.

Luckily, we have products that can help to solve that advertising problem of yours. Using our Frameless Fabric Light Boxes to elevate the looks of your posters, you can draw in more customers for your business.

Frameless Fabric Light Boxes, What are they?

Paste your posters on these lightboxes to illuminate them, making them more vibrant. The bright and 100% even light will give your poster a modern look, thus, attracting more attention. Furthermore, the sleek, high-quality aluminum profile is almost invisible when viewed in front, making the poster pop up more. Moreover, they are easy to install; you would not need special tools to put them on your wall.

The Frameless Fabric Light Boxes are great to get the attention of passerby customers to your retail stores or pulling shoppers into your stalls in the shopping malls. Hotels and similar services can also make use of them by putting them in the lobbies to inform visitors of the services they offer or simply for the aesthetics they provide. The lighting will add even more elegance to paintings or artworks decorating the walls. Likewise, homeowners can use them to beautify their living rooms or bedrooms.

In addition to its charms, changing the fabric is as easy as the product’s installment. The process takes about ten minutes to do. It gives the lightboxes versatility or flexibility. For example, if your promo has ended or if you have a new product, you do not need to dispose of the whole fabric lightbox or order a new one. Instead, all you need to do is update the fabric print attached to it.

What’s more, is that we have different designs and profiles to fit your needs. Here are our different types of Frameless Fabric Light Boxes:

Single-Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

This type of frameless lightbox is the ones you put on a surface or hang on your wall or ceiling. These Light Boxes comes in three different thickness.

You can choose from our 1″ Ultra-Thin Light Boxes, 2″ Slim Fabric Light Boxesand 3″ Slim Fabric Light Boxes. 

The 1″ Ultra-Thin light boxes are edge-lit, which means that the LED lights are positioned on the edges of the frames, usually on the long sides. On the other hand, both the 2″ and 3″ Light Boxes are backlit. It ensures the brightness of the lights, no matter the size of the poster. In addition to that, the thicker frames allow the placement of an internal power supply, which can be dimmable.

Slim Backlit LED Fabric Light Box

 Double-Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

We understand that sometimes, the information you want to give out cannot fit in a single poster. So, you compromise by making the fonts smaller or taking out some of their contents. You can also hang two of them side by side, though it could be impossible to do if you have limited space on your wall.

Our Double-Sided Fabric Light Boxes are an easy fix for that problem. As the name implies, you can put two posters back-to-back in these lightboxes. This type of frameless light box is edge-lit, making both sides flare-up in vivid lights.

There are two types of these light boxes. The Slim Double-Sided Frameless Light Box has a 2.75″ thick extrusion, making them perfect for hanging. The other is Double-Sided Free Standing Frameless Light Box which can be fixed to any setting or mounted in front of the store, to ensure that both sides are visible.

Free Standing LED Edge-lit Double Sided Frameless Fabric Light Box - LED Snap frame, LED Panel and Frameless Fabric Light Box manufacturer

Additional Information about Frameless Lightbox

You do not have to worry about where the fabric can be printed because we also offer that service. We will print the images with silicone edges which are needed to stretch the fabric over the frame, and lock it in. We can even assemble the lightbox before sending it to you for easy installment. The free-standing variant, however, is sent unassembled for easy and economical shipping.

Furthermore, aside from our standard sizes, we can manufacture all these types in custom sizes. Give us a call for a quote and consultation.

The LED lights in these products are high quality and retain their brightness even after a long time. It makes the lightboxes easy to maintain, hence you do not need to constantly check them for defects.

Lastly, the frames come with a 3-year warranty. That is how confident we are with the quality of our product.

We choose only high-graded components to produce our lightboxes. We do this to make sure that our customers will love what they will receive from us.

For order placements or to get more information, contact us through email or through our phone number 416-269-0447. You can also visit our website at

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