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Custom Sizes

Light Boxes and Light Panels in Custom Sizes

Prime Light Boxes manufactures most of its products in Canada and ships them anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We can produce all our products to the dimensions and specifications required by your project. Our technicians can help you come up with the design that is right for you. Our products carry CSA certification, which complies with relevant UL requirements.

Prime Light Boxes has the capability to manufacture the light boxes and light panels in different custom sizes, in a very short time, with very reasonable prices. In deciding the type of the light box or light panel, it’s essential to know the available minimum and maximum sizes, frame colors, and LED color temperatures.

Acrylic Light Panels

The smallest Acrylic Light Panel that we can manufacture is 8” X 8”. The maximum size is limited by the size of the acrylic sheet, which is 48” X 96”.

Backlit LED Panels

We make these panels as small as 12” X 12”, but there is no size limit for large sizes. We make these panels in sections as large as 48” X 96”, that can be placed side by side to cover a large area.

Single Sided Snap Frames

The minimum size for single sided snap fames for both Slim and Standard Profiles that we manufacture is 18” X 18”, and maximum size for our Standard Profile is 50” X 96”. We make this product with Slim Profile for sizes up to 40” X 40”. See the table below to see the available colors for the frames, and available LED color temperatures.

Double Sided Snap Frames

The minimum size for this product is 18” X 18”, and the maximum size is 36” X 72”.

Single Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

The two profiles that we use to make this product are 2” and 3” deep. We make both profiles with minimum 12” X 12”, and no limit for maximum size. We make large ones in sections, that can be easily connected and installed.

Double Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

Our light boxes with 4” frame can be made as large as 10’ X 10’. For larger light boxes, we use larger profiles/ Please call for information.

The following table shows the minimum and maximum sizes, available frame colors, and available LED Color temperatures for different models. 

Min Size Max Size Frame Colors Depth CCT
Acrylic Light Panel 8” X 8” 48” X 96” N/A 1/4“, 3/8” 4100K, 6500K
Backlit Light Panel 12” X 12” No Limit N/A 1/4“ 6500K
Standard Single Sided Snap Frame 18” X 18” 50” X 96” Silver, White, Black 1″ 4100K, 6500K
Slim Single Sided Snap Frame 18” X 18” 40” X 40” Silver, Black 7/8“ 6500K
Double Sided Snap Frame 18” X 18” 36” X 72” Silver, Black 1.5” 6500K
Single Sided Frameless Fabric Light Box 12” X 12” No Limit Silver, White, Black 2″, 3″ 6500K
Double Sided Frameless Fabric Light Box 36” X 36” 120” X 120” Silver, Black 4″ 6500K

Please contact us with your requirements and we will make sure your project is a great success.

Custom Order Request

We can produce Snap Frame custom products up to 8’x4′, and Fabric Frameless Displays in virtually any size