Best Way to Backlit Onyx and Marble Slabs

Best Way to Backlit Onyx and Marble Slabs

What is the best way to backlit Onyx slabs? More and more people are using Onyx and some special types of marble for their countertops and backsplashes in their kitchens or for their bars. As a result, designers are increasingly interested in incorporating these materials in their work. But the question is: How can you backlit an Onyx or similar stones evenly and with maximum brightness? A system that gives you the best possible result, yet it’s affordable and it’s easy to install.

In this article, we will focus on Onyx, which is a fairly difficult material to work with, and because of the cost, one would want the best possible lighting to use. We will discuss the right LED Light Panel and the installation process and requirements.

Based on our experience, the best choice to backlit Onyx and the like is a Backlit Light Panel. The reason is that, compared to Acrylic Light Panel, which is recommended by some, the Backlit Light Panel gives %100 even light, and it’s very bright. It’s easy to install, it costs less, but more importantly, it can be made in large sizes. Prime Light Boxes makes this type of light panel in custom sizes and shapes.

The process of getting and installing the light panels is simple. Whether you are backlighting a countertop with or without waterfalls or a backsplash wall, you need to provide a simple drawing or sketch that would show the overall dimensions and the sink and faucet locations, if any. Once we receive that, our engineering team prepares a drawing based on the information you provided and places LEDs all over the area on the drawing, for your final approval. It takes only a few days for us to process the order and manufacture the light panels you need.

Initial Drawing

LEDs Placed All Over

Installation of Backlit Stone Panels

Once you have the light panels in place, and you can simply screw them on the countertop or the wall, you need to maintain a 1.5” distance between the light panels and the stone in front or on top of them. We make special spacers out of acrylic to support the stone. After installing all, because the spacers are made of clear acrylic, you won’t see any shadow or dark areas on the illuminated stone.



Electrical Installation of Backlit Stone Panels

We normally include a hardwire power supply with the backlit light panels. Although it’s a simple task, a qualified electrician should install the power supply inside a metal enclosure (included in the package), and connect the light panels to it.  You should place the enclosure, with the power supply in it in an accessible and well-ventilated spot. The electrician can easily install a switch to turn all the panels on and off.

As an option, we can include a dimmable power supply in the package. So, you would be able to dim all the light panels with a regular wall dimmer.








Let us help you backlit stone panels. Contact us to get a quote for a custom size and shape LED light panel. Transform your kitchen or bar to a different level. Our engineering and sales teams will work with you to make the whole process. We are here from the beginning to the end, hassle-free, quick, and economical.



Wood Frame LED Light Boxes

Wood Frame LED Light Boxes

Make Your Art Gallery Wall with Wood Frame LED Lightboxes

It is not uncommon for modern style homes to incorporate wood accents in their interior. The wood provides an organic and warm texture. That is essential to giving the space some “life.” It makes the room appear cozy and inviting instead of dull, plain, and intimidating.

Likewise, displaying artworks and photographs add to the positive vibe of the room. They decorate the otherwise bland and unappealing walls. It makes the room feel less “empty.”

There is one way to incorporate both wood and artworks into your interior while ensuring that the modern qualities of the space are not lost. It is through the use of Wood Frame LED Lightboxes.

Prime Light Boxes Wood Frame LED Lightboxes

Do you have a family photo that you love looking at? Or perhaps a painting you made or photograph you took that you are incredibly proud of? How about a commissioned or bought artwork or photo that costs you a lot? Those fine things should have framing that is as charming as they are. Prime Light Boxes manufactures such frames. What is special about them? Aside from their sleek looks, they light up! The illumination helps the art to pop up more and be more visible.

You can use our Wood Frame LED Lightboxes to display your prized artworks and photographs for an added wow factor. The overall aesthetic becomes worthy of an art gallery. Seeing your displays become more colorful and vibrant will surely lighten up your day as well.


Our Wood Frame Light Boxes are built with state-of-the-art LED technology. We choose only high-quality components when making our products. For instance, our light frames provide more than 2800 Lumen and are four times brighter than a regular CFL bulb.

We chose LED as the light source because they are more cost-effective than other light sources. LEDs contain no mercury, so they are environmentally friendly and recyclable. On top of that, they are long-lasting and low maintenance, which means they pose lower utility expenses. In general, they last for 50,000 hours. That life is 20 to 30 times longer than regular light bulbs.

In Wood Frame LED Lightboxes, the LED lights are mounted behind the entire artwork. They create bright, thin, and even lighting that results in an elegant display. We use our LED Backlit Panels in the production of this product. The light behind your artwork would be %100 even and would be more than 400 lumens. The wood frame, which is 2” deep, allows us to use an internal power supply, which means that there would only one cord coming out of the frame. Moreover, we can install a low voltage dimmer, with a remote, inside the frame.


Like the rest of our products, Wood Frame LED Lightboxes can easily be installed. You will not need special tools and equipment to do so. It will also not cost more than ten minutes of your time.

These Lightboxes can be mounted to your wall using a “Z” bar. The “Z” bar comes in pair, and they interlock to each other to hang the product. One of the “Z” bars will be pre-attached at the rear of the lightbox before delivery. The other one will be sent separately. Drill or screw the separated piece to the spot on your wall where you plan to hang the artwork. Once done, put the lightbox on top of the “Z” bar on the wall. And then you are set! The best thing is, you can relocate the product, and there will be no lasting marks on your wall.


All our LED acrylic light panels are CSA/UL (CA, US) certified and meets the quality standard required to sell these in North America, including Canada and the United States. We also offer a 3-year warranty on all lightboxes and a 1-year warranty on all the power supply products. The customer support team is available seven days a week, and you can contact us via email or phone.

Contact Us!

We will be more than glad to provide you elegant light-up framing for your precious artworks and photographs. Connect with us so you can make your orders now!

You can contact us through email at or through our phone number 416-269-0447. You can also browse our website to see the rest of our lighting products.

Frameless Fabric Light Boxes, Types and Applications

Frameless Fabric Light Boxes, Types and Applications

Attract More Customers with Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

Find out what type of frameless lightbox you need with this content.

Posters are essential for marketing and are widely used by businesses for advertisements. They are a great way to inform the public about products and services. Signs help lead more people in the store without having to talk to them personally.

The problem is, you are most probably not the only business in town. You might even have competitors or other companies that offer the same services or products that you sell. Therefore, aside from yours, there are plenty of other posters that people can see on the streets.

So, the question is, how can you make your posters stand out? Sure, you can print a huge one, that is very noticeable, but that can be too intimidating for customers. If you go that route, there are chances that people will ignore it more than taking the time to read what is written on the poster.

Luckily, we have products that can help to solve that advertising problem of yours. Using our Frameless Fabric Light Boxes to elevate the looks of your posters, you can draw in more customers for your business.

Frameless Fabric Light Boxes, What are they?

Paste your posters on these lightboxes to illuminate them, making them more vibrant. The bright and 100% even light will give your poster a modern look, thus, attracting more attention. Furthermore, the sleek, high-quality aluminum profile is almost invisible when viewed in front, making the poster pop up more. Moreover, they are easy to install; you would not need special tools to put them on your wall.

The Frameless Fabric Light Boxes are great to get the attention of passerby customers to your retail stores or pulling shoppers into your stalls in the shopping malls. Hotels and similar services can also make use of them by putting them in the lobbies to inform visitors of the services they offer or simply for the aesthetics they provide. The lighting will add even more elegance to paintings or artworks decorating the walls. Likewise, homeowners can use them to beautify their living rooms or bedrooms.

In addition to its charms, changing the fabric is as easy as the product’s installment. The process takes about ten minutes to do. It gives the lightboxes versatility or flexibility. For example, if your promo has ended or if you have a new product, you do not need to dispose of the whole fabric lightbox or order a new one. Instead, all you need to do is update the fabric print attached to it.

What’s more, is that we have different designs and profiles to fit your needs. Here are our different types of Frameless Fabric Light Boxes:

Single-Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

This type of frameless lightbox is the ones you put on a surface or hang on your wall or ceiling. These Light Boxes comes in three different thickness.

You can choose from our 1″ Ultra-Thin Light Boxes, 2″ Slim Fabric Light Boxesand 3″ Slim Fabric Light Boxes. 

The 1″ Ultra-Thin light boxes are edge-lit, which means that the LED lights are positioned on the edges of the frames, usually on the long sides. On the other hand, both the 2″ and 3″ Light Boxes are backlit. It ensures the brightness of the lights, no matter the size of the poster. In addition to that, the thicker frames allow the placement of an internal power supply, which can be dimmable.

Slim Backlit LED Fabric Light Box

 Double-Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

We understand that sometimes, the information you want to give out cannot fit in a single poster. So, you compromise by making the fonts smaller or taking out some of their contents. You can also hang two of them side by side, though it could be impossible to do if you have limited space on your wall.

Our Double-Sided Fabric Light Boxes are an easy fix for that problem. As the name implies, you can put two posters back-to-back in these lightboxes. This type of frameless light box is edge-lit, making both sides flare-up in vivid lights.

There are two types of these light boxes. The Slim Double-Sided Frameless Light Box has a 2.75″ thick extrusion, making them perfect for hanging. The other is Double-Sided Free Standing Frameless Light Box which can be fixed to any setting or mounted in front of the store, to ensure that both sides are visible.

Free Standing LED Edge-lit Double Sided Frameless Fabric Light Box - LED Snap frame, LED Panel and Frameless Fabric Light Box manufacturer

Additional Information about Frameless Lightbox

You do not have to worry about where the fabric can be printed because we also offer that service. We will print the images with silicone edges which are needed to stretch the fabric over the frame, and lock it in. We can even assemble the lightbox before sending it to you for easy installment. The free-standing variant, however, is sent unassembled for easy and economical shipping.

Furthermore, aside from our standard sizes, we can manufacture all these types in custom sizes. Give us a call for a quote and consultation.

The LED lights in these products are high quality and retain their brightness even after a long time. It makes the lightboxes easy to maintain, hence you do not need to constantly check them for defects.

Lastly, the frames come with a 3-year warranty. That is how confident we are with the quality of our product.

We choose only high-graded components to produce our lightboxes. We do this to make sure that our customers will love what they will receive from us.

For order placements or to get more information, contact us through email or through our phone number 416-269-0447. You can also visit our website at

How LED Snap Frames Are Used As Movie Poster Light Boxes

How LED Snap Frames Are Used As Movie Poster Light Boxes

A stylish way of displaying your most prized movie poster is using light boxes. You can place these inside your home theater or just outside your entertainment room similar to what movie theaters do. Installation for these movie poster light boxes is easy since they are made of snap frames.

So, what are LED Snap Frames?

These light boxes are easy to use because you don’t need special tools to place, change or replace the poster inside. The frames work like big clips that hold the poster and the clear acrylic cover in front of the poster. These clip-like frames have a sturdy spring-back design concealed within the frames.

LED snap frames come in different sizes. These frames can go as small as A4 (or maybe even smaller) to as big as 48″ X 96″. They are edge-lit with CSA/UL certification.

You can choose standard sizes or order customized frames light boxes depending on your needs. Also, these snap frame light boxes are either single or double-sided.

Single-Sided Vs. Double-Sided

Single-sided frames are usually wall mountable for displaying desired movie posters, ads, or signages. These frames are great for movie poster light boxes.

Aside from snap frames, you can also use single-sided light boxes that are non-snap. The non-snap frame is semi-permanent to a permanent fixture on your wall.

On the other hand, double-sided snap frames have dual sides. Usually, businesses use these types for maximum exposure of ads and information in crowded or heavy foot traffic areas. These frames are often floor-standing or hanging in the ceiling.

Uses of LED Snap Frames

You can use these snap frames for business purposes:

  • Advertisement
  • Great for in-store signages
  • Products display
  • Information display

Moreover, LED snap frames are great for personal use.

  • Display your favorite poster movies or photos
  • Flaunt your artworks or paintings


You can easily screw the snap frame to the wall. Alternatively, some manufacturers include a piece of “Z” bar, which is screwed to the wall, and the snap frame is placed on it. Either way, it would take a few minutes to install the frame.

Power Supply

Some suppliers offer a plug-in power supply for each frame, or a large hard-wire power supply to feed multiple light boxes. You need a certified electrician to install the hard wire power supply.

5 Tips on Buying Snap Frames

Look for CSA/UL lable. The best movie light box snap frames have CSA/UL certification. This certification shows that the light boxes have undergone quality assurance since these products use electrical materials for the LED.

Make sure your poster fits. Most LED snap frames are made in standard sizes in China. You can find North American manufacturers that make custom size snap frames, including the size that is suitable for movie posters.

Movie Poster Light Box in a Home Theater - Prime Light Boxes

Select a dimmable light box with a good quality dimmer. It would be great to have a movie poster lightbox that allows you to dim or brighten the LED lights. This might cost you a few more dollars, but it is important if you want to keep a cozy ambiance in your theater room. Also, make sure that the light box comes with an on/off switch.

Opt of premium-grade LED snap frames. The quality of snap frames is not just measurable in terms of the electrical components. Choose a frame with a clear cover panel.

Longer warranty, better quality. Generally, a warranty also plays a role in the quality of a product. An extended warranty period often signifies excellent quality because the manufacturer of the LED snap frames is confident about the quality. In addition to the quality of the snap frame, the quality of the power supply is as important. LEDs in a snap frame normally last long, but it’s the power supply that may fail in a short time, and create aggregation.

Where to buy movie posters for light boxes. There are a number of websites that offer a good selection of movie posters. is a company in Toronto, Canada, with lots of choices.


Movie poster light boxes add elegance to your entertainment room. Choose easy-to-use LED snap frames to protect your movie posters from ordinary to extreme wear-and-tear conditions. Most suppliers of the movie posters carry 27” X 40” posters, printed double sided, and suitable for a light box. Depending on the design of the frame, a LED snap frame for a movie poster is a few inches larger than the poster. Although manufacturers may offer different colors of the frames, black LED snap frames are very popular for movie posters.

Top 10 Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers in the USA

Top 10 Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers in the USA

The top retail store fixture suppliers in the USA have the power to bring life to your business. You see, retail display fixtures are the life and soul of any business. When used correctly, it can be the catalyst that piques consumer interest and boosts overall sales. So, a lot of display fixtures suppliers appear today.

Typically, the term retail display is used to describe fittings and equipment earmarked for the display of products. If you own a commercial store of any kind, be it in the food or fashion niche, you have to find a way to display your products and services. Retail display fixtures are the way to do it. 

Common fixtures and fittings include mannequins, display cases, signage holders, display racks, and more. Initially, these fixtures were nothing more placeholders. However, the top retail store fixtures suppliers in the USA have found a way to make them a part of branding. With fixtures from these suppliers, you can make sure your retail store delivers a unique experience for shoppers.

Display Fixtures for Businesses

As the owner of a retail store, selecting the right fixtures for your business is a huge decision. In fact, it is one that can impact the success of your business. This is because these fittings and fixtures can determine customer perception. However, with the top retail store fixtures sellers in America, you get insight and selection variety that makes this process easier for you. 

For a food retailer, industrial shelving might seem like a functional display fixture. What’s more, you can even put more product on it. However, how will your customers react to this type of display fixture? Does it exude the warm, homey feeling that will make your store inviting for hungry customers? The top retail store fixture suppliers in the US can provide you with the answers that you need. 

In this blog post, we will provide you with a solution to all of your retail store issues. Based on a number of factors, we have highlighted the top 10 retail store fixture suppliers in the USA. Therefore, if you are wondering where to buy shelving for your store, you’ll know where to go.

Our Top Picks for Retail Store Display Fixtures Suppliers in the USA 

This list of retail fixture suppliers is not written in any particular order. However, with these companies, you can expect top fittings and fixtures that will be great for your business. Keep reading to find out more.

Tebo Store Fixtures 


Tebo Store Fixtures fuses retail design expertise with the raw construction skills needed to come up with the best products. An American company through and through, it is a business fully committed to supplying retailers with fixtures that will make goods sell. 

Interesting retail environments can transform your store into an exciting destination. As one of the top retail store fixtures suppliers in the USA, Tebo Store Fixtures can help you capture the attention of your shoppers. More importantly, their retail fittings will make sure that your target customers linger.

The experts at Tebo Store Fixtures have a unique understanding of consumer behaviour. Therefore, they can advise you on the fixtures that will enhance your branding while boosting profitability. Whether your business is a start-up or a fully-fledged retail chain, they have an experienced team that will guide you from the point of sale to installation!

Reeve Store Equipment Co.


Reeve Store Equipment Co. is a top-rated retail fixture supplier in the US. With this company, you get hands-on experience and assistance in the purchase of fittings for your business. The customer service specialists at Reeve Store Equipment Co. will work with you from concept to completion.

Reeve Store Equipment’s position on the list of top 10 retail store fixture suppliers in the USA can be put down to this company’s marketing nous. This is a company that understands the relationship between branding, marketing, and store fixtures. 

As a result, they will collaborate closely with you (the client) to ensure that the design, merchandising, and construction of your store fittings are excellent. A valuable partner for any commercial retail businesses 

Subastral Inc


Established in the late nineties, Subastral Inc is now one of the top 10 retail store fixture suppliers in the USA. This is the result of an unshakeable dedication to providing top-quality fittings every time. 

Craftsmanship is a vital characteristic of retail fixtures. With the best craftsmanship, you are halfway to winning the heart of your customers. Subastral Inc makes sure that you get the highest quality of craftsmanship. From display cases to mannequins and dress forms, you are fully covered.

Specialty Store Services


At Specialty Store Services, variety is the order of the day. If you are in search of a top 10 retail store fixture supplier that can deliver across the board, then this is it. Here, you can buy all sorts of retail display fixtures including storage shelves, advertising racks, candle holders, bathroom shelves, and more.

In the same vein, you can Specialty Store Services to provide you with the best customer service possible. Their experts have the patience and experience to guide you in the decision-making process. More importantly, they also offer assistance with installation.

FC Dadson


If you are looking for retail store fittings and fixtures that will conform seamlessly with your brand image, FC Dadson is the place to get it. Furthermore, the fixtures they supply to residents in the USA and other parts of North America are cost-effective and durable. It really doesn’t get better than this!

FC Dadson understands that every retail firing project is different. Therefore, they don’t carry a generic catalogue of placeholders. Instead, FC Dadson supplies retail store fixtures that are made from scratch — just for your business. 

You don’t have to worry about the material and complexity of your project. Dadson FC is home to expect craftsmen with bundles of experience. In the same vein, manufacturing and construction material used are carefully selected for maximum functionality. With FC Dadson, you are one step closer to owning a unique and engaging retail experience. 

Firefly Store Solutions 


Firefly Store Solutions is one of the top-rated retail store fixture suppliers in the USA for one reason — customer satisfaction. It is near impossible to do business with this company without getting satisfaction. 

The customer service personnel and consultants at Firefly Store Solutions take the time to ensure that you get more bang for your buck. Firstly, they will answer all of your burning questions, suggest solutions where necessary, and make recommendations that will boost the appeal of your store. 

The retail fixture supplier specializes in everything. Display racks, retail packaging, gift boxes, visual merch, mannequins, and wall display fixtures are right up their alley!

Store Supply 


Store Supply offers the very best in terms of retail display fixtures. With 25 years of experience helping brands reach their full marketing potentials with store fixtures, Store Supply is a reliable partner. 

This retail store fixture supplier works based on a principle that is not very common in the United States. They “take care of the customer every time without hesitation.” More importantly, their services are super fast. From selection to shipping, Store Supply offers a level of professionalism that makes fixture shopping a seamless process. The best part is that they also offer competitive pricing models!

M&E Retail Display


This company is one of the top retail store fixture suppliers with a specialty in custom pieces. If you are looking to truly put your signature on every display prop or fitting in your store, this is the supplier for you.

For starters, M&E retail display brings bundles of experience to the game. They have worked with gigantic brands such as Converse and Lego in the past. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are working with a team that knows what they are doing.

Also, they offer prototype models that can help you decide if every detail aligns with your vision for your retail store. This is a full-service company that can deliver both metal, wood, and plastic pieces. 

American Retail Supply


This company is your one-stop for all retail store fixture needs. However, American Retail Supply doesn’t just stop there. They are a company that goes one step further with customer support and satisfaction.

American Retail Supply takes the time to check in and makes sure that you are enjoying the best possible results from your retail display fixtures. As a result, it is easy to see that they are fully committed to making sure that retailers like yourself can enjoy the very best in terms of branding, customer relationship, and engagement.

Handy Store Fixtures

The last name on our list of top 10 retail store fixture suppliers in the USA is one with real advances in the field of e-commerce. Handy Store Fixtures offers a seamless e-commerce experience. 

Shoppers can easily browse through the user-friendly website, choosing different varieties of retail display products. With detailed information on the colour and features of each retail display product, shopping with handy store fixtures is easy. 

They have a huge clientele base that ranges from retail stores to large corporations and tradeshow events. You too can enjoy the top quality products sold by Handy Store Fixtures.

Bonus: Goebel

In the rare event that the above companies don’t satisfy any of your retail display needs, we’ve included an extra one. Goebel has been in business for over 80 years. With this truckload of experience, you can expect the highest level of craftsmanship and delivery.

Goebel’s working system is successful because they work with highly skilled employees while offering unparalleled quality. Additionally, they have a mandate to continuously improve. This has made them a trendsetter in the retail display supply business in the USA. 

Their services include:

  • Fabrication
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Proposals, Budgeting and Planning
  • Mock-ups/Prototypes
  • Material Selection and Sourcing
  • Site Surveys and Layouts
  • Logistics Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Concept Development
  • Engineering 

In Conclusion

The top 10 retail store display fixtures suppliers in America may be your ticket to getting more customers. With the range of stylish yet functional pieces offered by the suppliers, you will be able to engage and interest prospective customers. Check them out today and improve your business more with the help of display fixtures suppliers!

Top 7 Trade Show Marketing Agencies in the USA

Top 7 Trade Show Marketing Agencies in the USA

The top trade show marketing agencies in the USA have developed the expertise to help companies reach their target audience. Today, trade shows are a great opportunity for manufacturers to connect with prospective customers, investors, and stakeholders. Typically, these mega-events usually showcase innovations and solutions from multiple companies in the same venue. As a result, they boast attendance numbers in the high thousands. 

In the world of digital signage and audio-visual advertising, trade show events are hugely popular. With the sheer size of the audience at these showpieces, the top trade show marketing agencies are poised to help your company take great advantage. Typically, they offer next-level infrastructure in terms of preparation and execution that can help you foster meaningful conversations with your customers.

Are you thinking of making your company part of the next digital signage trade show in the US? With the best trade show marketing agencies at your beck and call, your appearance in the USA can have huge positive implications for your company. 

In this blog, we will take a look at our top picks for trade show marketing agencies in America. But first, let’s show you why a partnership with these firms can be useful for trade show appearances.

Why You Need a TradeShow Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies that specialize in trade show events in the USA design immersive experiences. When you choose to work with one, they offer the following benefits:

Best use of available info

As a manufacturer, it is easy to get overwhelmed with available information about trade shows. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, it might be complicated to understand the info you already have. 

The top trade show marketing agencies can help you analyze data from your past shows in the USA. Past sales, lead analysis, and layout evaluation are some important metrics that will be considered. With this info, they will help you decide the best marketing medium for your trade show appearances.

Proper budgeting

A budget can be very vital to the success of your tradeshow. Marketing agencies will help you chart a financial plan that covers the design of an exhibition pavilion, advertising, construction, and booth set-up. With these companies, you can be sure that you are heading into a trade show fully covered.

Design a timeframe

As is the case with events, timing is very crucial to the overall success and improved sales. The seemingly easy process of building a booth may take months of production. However, the best marketing agencies in the USA can help you manage your time frame.

With these agencies working with you, you can be sure that you are well on track to a smooth trade show appearance. Additionally, these agencies will help you plan for possible hiccups such as an ill employee.

Audience research 

The major benefit of a trade show is to help you reach your intended audience. Factors such as demographics, personalities, and lifestyle choices may have to be evaluated for an effective marketing plan.

In America, the best marketing agencies have trade show experts that will help you do this research. Consequently, you can come up with marketing materials that will boost the reception of your audience.

Our Top Picks for Trade Show Marketing Agencies in the USA

The leading trade show marketing agencies in the USA have one thing in common — experience. However, these agencies have different modes of operation, with high levels of success. 

George P. Johnson


GPJ, as they like to call themselves is a leading event marketing agency based in the States. No matter the niche your trade show is in, they have a unique ability to put together indelible experiences. Furthermore, these experiences always drive deeper customer relationships and improve brand affinity.

As a team, George P. Johnson is very hands-on. They offer strategic forward-thinking innovations. Before you even think of a need that needs to be solved, they provide it. They are passionate about making sure that trade show appearances are highly effective.



Sparks is a marketing agency in the United States that oozes creativity. As a company looking to impress attendants at a trade show, creativity is at the top of your list of needs. Thus, creative and data-driven, Sparks uses the latest data analysis techniques to contribute to the strategic planning for a trade show.

One of the top trade show marketing agencies in the USA, Sparks offers engaging experiences. With this company as a partner, you can expect to fully impress attendees, win hearts and get some signatures.

Similarly, Sparks is home to resources that can scale depending on the specs of your trade show appearance. Hybrid rentals, custom exhibits, and property takeovers come easy to this company. Simply put, few companies can handle your needs like this one.

E3 Network


E3 Network is a leading marketing agency with an extensive network all over America. The depth of variety that this trade show marketing agency offers covers every geography and possible skill sector. Therefore, if you are looking for a top marketing agency that handles every aspect of a trade show, this is it.

To get the best out of the money you spend putting together an appearance, you need an experienced agency to handle the reins. The marketing experts at the E3 network can help you plan for an event. Additionally, they will handle the setup and construction of an exhibition booth. Trade shows can be a tricking promotion experience. However, this American agency makes sure that it is that much easier for you and your brand.



Longbow is a trade show marketing firm with an innate ability to see the big picture. With over twenty-three years of experience servicing the needs of large and small corporations, they know what it takes to design effective trade show showcases. 

As part of their culture, Longbow takes on every aspect of your appearance at trade shows. They understand the importance of a corporate brand and how it can help you captivate an audience at trade show events in America. More importantly, they have mastered the art of using this knowledge to boost the efficiency of exhibitions at these events. 

A must-have on our list of top trade show marketing agencies that do business in the USA, Longbow has served a variety of clients. Their extensive clientele includes tech firms, entrepreneurial startups, and signage companies. Whether you are looking to design investor pitches, showcase groundbreaking solutions or tap into a market, Longbow is a reliable partner.



ElevationB2B boasts a winning combo of marketing techniques and logistics management. This combo is why they have the unique ability to deliver on logistics while integrating efficient marketing that helps you reach your audience. With advanced pre and post-marketing strategies, you can expect to boast a synergy that excites an audience.

Elevation B2B offers an experiential approach to taking on trade show appearances. With a focus on brand attraction and consumer relationships, this agency can almost always guarantee successful appearances at trade shows. Their diverse services range from pre-event settings to lead collection, markers, and on-site logistics. With this agency, a return on investment is a guarantee.

Marketing Genome


With over a decade of trade show experience, Marketing Genome is a leader in event marketing in America. Its position on this list of top trade show marketing agencies in the USA is a function of the passion with which they work. In addition, Marketing Genome was founded by two marketers at heart with a passion for immersive trade show appearances.

Passion is vital to the success of any business. However, what sets Marketing Genome apart is a unique ability to stay with the trends and even set new ones. With a team of engineers, designers, and fabricators working together in good spirit, Marketing Genome can provide innovative solutions for your appearances. It’s not just about having a smooth showing at a tradeshow. This agency guarantees experiences that will resonate with your target audience.



USA EXPO is one of the leading trade show marketing agencies in the US and for good reason too. With over twenty-six years of experience handling the needs of different companies in different industries, USA EXPO’s services come with a truckload of experience.

In the same vein, USA EXPO’s inclusion on this list of top trade show marketing agencies in the USA is due to their versatility. Some of the companies they have worked with have stakes in the manufacturing, signage, healthcare, and retail industry. Also, their services cover promotion, set up, customer retention, lead generation, and brand awareness. 

You know your business and USA EXPO knows trade shows in the US like no other agency. As a result, they have a unique ability to provide a full range of services that include shipping, warehousing, planning, account management, and more. The experts that work here will help you identify your audience and devise plans to reach them effectively. 

Visual Communication Inc.

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Visual Communication has been in the game for about 50 years serving clients largely as a sign maker. Over the years, Visual transitioned into a multidisciplinary solutions provider focused primarily on the events and exhibits industry.


Regardless of your niche, the best trade show marketing agencies in the US can help you reach your marketing and conversion goals. These are our top picks for firms to be on the lookout for in America. If you feel like it, you can carry out extra research to get more info. Good luck with your next trade show appearance!

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