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Prime Light Boxes is a leading manufacturer of different type of light boxes and light panels. We are located in north of Toronto, Canada. We manufacture LED Snap Frames, LED Frameless (Fabric) Light Boxes, LED Backlit Panels, and LED Acrylic Panels. We use high quality raw materials, and subject all our products to vigorous quality control. Our products are all CSA/UL approved, and come with UL approved power supplies, and 3 year warranty. Our priorities are Safety, High Quality, Short Lead Time, and Reasonable Prices.

LED Snap Frames

We manufacture single sided and double sided snap frames. We offer these products in anodized silver, black, white, and custom colors. We have the aluminum extrusions used for products powder coated, before we do the production.

The single sided snap frames come in Standard and Slim profiles. We use our standard profile, with only 1” thickness, for snap frames larger than 24” X 36” and up to 48” X 96”. Our Slim profile is ideal for small sizes up to 24” X 40”. Snap frames come with a clear acrylic cover, and the poster is sandwiched between the cover and the light box. We also include an external, plug-in power supply for each light box. An external dimmer can be used with snap frames. We offer two color temperatures for snap frames: 4100K (warm white), and 6500K (cool white). We also offer three colors for the frames: anodized silver, white, and black. Custom colors are available for quantities of 20 or more.

The double sided snap frames that we manufacture are slim, evenly lit, and bright. With a 1.5” thick frame, the light boxes are slim, and add a nice feature to your environment. We make our double sided snap frames in anodized silver and black. With the hanging hardware that we use for this product, the installation is easy, and takes a few minutes. An external, plug-in power supply is included for each light box. Two clear acrylic covers are also included to hold two posters on the light box.

Led Frameless Fabric Light Box

We manufacture different types of fabric light boxes. Our products are made of high quality materials, and come with CSA/UL certification. Installation of fabric is easy on all the types we make.

Single Sided. We manufacture single sided fabric light boxes with three profiles. Our 1.5” profile, with an engraved acrylic that reflects the light from LEDs on the edges, is ideal for small frames, and environments that very shallow profile is required. We make this type for frame sizes up to 36” X 72”.

We use our 2” and 3” profiles for large backlit light boxes. With quick electrical and mechanical connectors, we can make very large light boxes, ship them in pieces, and have the whole graphic in one piece. Once the pieces are put together and are installed, which doesn’t take a long time, one single printed fabric is stretched on the entire light box. The result is a very bright image, with vivid colors, that enhances your customers’ experience. Our single sided fabric light boxes, made of either of these three profiles come in anodized silver, white, and black, and we can have frames done with your custom color for quantities more than 20 units.

Our 2” and 3” profile light boxes come with a plug-in power supply. We can make them with an internal power supply and/or a dimmer with a very nice remote control. For large light boxes, we may use several power supplies and dimmers. However, we install and connect them in a way that only one remote can control the entire light box. Our single sided fabric light boxes are used in retailers, art galleries, subway stations, residences, hospitals, and other public places.

Double Sided. We also manufacture double sided fabric light boxes, which are widely used in trade shows and retailers. We make two types: Free standing, and slim, hanging light boxes. The free standing double sided light boxes are easy to assemble and ship. We use a 4” profile, and the LEDs are mounted on the two longer sides of the light box. The two 6” wide supporting legs give beauty and stability that are needed for a public environment. The light boxes are bright, with an even light throughout the view area. The light boxes are packaged well for shipping by common carriers, and each box contains all the components of the frame, hardware, an Allen key, a power supply, and two printed fabrics.

We also manufacture a thin double sided fabric light box that comes with hanging hardware. The LEDs are mounted on the two longer sides, and an engraved acrylic reflects the light on the entire area. This type is ideal for smaller sizes, up to 36” X 48”, for hanging on the windows. We ship this type completely assembled, and ready to install. Installation of the hanging hardware is easy and may take only a few minutes.

Acrylic LED Panels

We manufacture Acrylic LED Panels with 1/4“and 3/8” thicknesses. With such thin panels, customers can create beautiful fixtures with bright and even lit LED panels. We make these panels with 4100K and 6500K color temperatures, in sizes up to 48” X 96”. The Acrylic LED Panels can be easily screwed to the wall, or we can include “Z” clips or “J” channels, if needed. We can also have a white diffuser on the panel, or include a clear cover to hold a print on the panel. There are many applications for this product, ranging from backlighting Onex stone, countertops, or a white acrylic in a dentist’s office to backlighting high quality artworks. Each panel comes with a power supply, and an external dimmer with a remote can be added.

Backlit LED Panels

This product is widely used in backlighting signs, artworks, Onex stone, etc. We can make this product in sections, so they can cover a very large area. This product is ideal for applications where a very bright light is needed, and where the subject in front of the panel is 2” – 3” away. In that space, an internal power supply and/or a dimmer can be placed. The panels are simply screwed to the wall. A “Z” clip can be included.

Non-lit Frames

We manufacture non-lit snap frames and non-lit SEG frames.

Non-lit Snap Frames. We use the profiles used for LED Snap Frames to make non-lit snap frames. The frame comes with the same clear acrylic cover, and the poster is sandwiched between this cover and a white panel inside frame. We make the Non-lit Snap Frames in both single sided and double sided forms.

SEG Frames. We use all the LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes to make the Non-lit SEG Frames. Therefore, the single sided SEG frames come with 1.5”, 2”, and 3” profiles. Just like the LED Light Boxes, the SEG Frames can be screwed to the wall, or installed using a “Z” Clip or Hanging Hardware. We also make Double Sided SEG Frames with the same 4” profile and hardware that we use for our Double Sided LED Light Boxes. 

Led Light Box for Sale

Large Led Panel

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we manufacture all kinds of LED light boxes. No job is too small, and we have LED Light Box for sale in our location. Having our products certified with CSA and UL, all our LED Light Boxes are for sale in North America.

Led Panel for Sale

Our LED Light Panels for sale are very competitive in price, and with a very short lead time, you can be confident that your project will meet the deadline.

Led Light Panel for Sale

A typical LED Light Panel for sale that we produce is very competitive in price, and with a very short lead time, and ability to manufacture custom sizes, you can be confident that your project will meet the deadline. Visit other pages in our website, and let us know what products you are interested in. Whether you need LED Snap Frames, LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes, or LED Light Panels, our design team will work with you to make sure we cover all the requirements for your project.


The overall design and structure of a LED Frameless Fabric Light Box that we produce, allows us to finish and ship it in a short time, with all the customer’s requirements and with a very high quality, with an affordable price.