Top 10 Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers in Canada

Top 10 Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers in Canada

Retail fixtures are an important part of any physical store. Many a time, they can directly influence the success of your retail business. Typically, retail store fixtures are specially designed fittings used to showcase products to customers. The top retail store fixture suppliers in Canada have perfected the art of delivering fixtures. The suppliers can combine aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Functionality is a characteristic of retail fixtures that determines how accessible your products are to customers. On the other hand, the aesthetic appeal will determine how attractive your store is to prospective shoppers. Both features determine the overall shopping experience you can give to customers.

So you see, it is vital that you install the right set of retail display fixtures in your store. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 retail store fixtures suppliers in Canada. With these recommendations, you’ll know where to get solutions for your product display issues. Let’s get into it!

The Top Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers  in Canada

All the names on this list have one thing in common. They are excellence personified. With innovations and dedication to being the best, the top suppliers of retail fixtures in Canada offer excellence every time.

BGI Retail 


BGI Retail is a store fixture supplier with a focus on delivering outstanding experiences to every customer. This is evident in the creative passion and purpose that accompany every project handled by BGI Retail. 

For starters, this company is one that believes in the principle of teamwork. From the design team to the manufacturing and delivery departments, every team works in tandem to ensure that customers get the best. As one of the top retail store fixture suppliers in Canada, BGI Retail offers excellent planning, design, project management, and manufacturing services.

Continental SFG


Continental Store Fixture Group is your one-stop for innovative retail display solutions. This is a company with a bundle of experience amounting to five decades. Therefore, you can be sure Continental SFG has the technical resources needed to design and create masterful retail display fixtures. 

As one of the top suppliers of display fixtures in Canada, Continental SFG understands the science behind retail. As a result, they consistently provide solutions that deliver immersive customer experiences. Finally, this brand has served every niche with specialization in hardware stores, dollar stores, specialty, and convenience stores. 



If you are on the hunt for a supplier of retail display fixtures that offer immense creativity, this is it. Servrite can lay claim to a team of professionals with a drive to pushing the boundaries of retail display fixtures and shelving.

With Servrite, you can enjoy beautiful retail display pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. More importantly, these fixtures will be designed to take your brand image and voice into account. Next-level shelving options provided by Servrite include M-Line (Multi-Retail Shelving), G-Line, C-Line, and R-Line systems.

C-West Custom Fixtures Inc 


The website belonging to this reputable brand boldly proclaims that C-West Custom Fixtures Inc provides the best retail display solutions in Canada. With the level of technical excellence and functionality characterized in every retail display on offer, it’s hard to argue with their logic.

Their top-notch experience covers many aspects of retail display supply. They have something for design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, installation, and other logistics. Also, the excellence of this brand is highly recognized. In fact, C-West Custom Fixtures won The 2019 Global Shop Product Design Competition. With a service that integrates art and technology, you get all-around excellence from C-West.

McCowan Design & Manufacturing 


 When a brand has decades of experience, you can almost always guarantee the best products. However, this isn’t the only reason McCowan Design & Manufacturing is on this list. This trailblazer offers display fixtures and fittings that will give you an edge over the competition.

At McCowan Design & Manufacturing, you can enjoy unique modular systems, in-house designs, and new-age production. As a result, this top retail display supplier boasts products that stand the test of time without losing aesthetic appeal. McCowan D&M handles everything. From project management to design and layout, you are completely covered! Their extensive range of products include:

  • Service Counter Systems
  • Pharmacy 
  • Signage 
  • Shelving 
  • Secure displays etc. 

ISPA Store Fixtures 


This is a retail display supplier that boasts a clientele list that includes major retail entities across North America. In business since 1986, ISPA Store Fixtures has been able to diversify and refine its manufacturing process to stay ahead of the pack. 

For starters, the team at ISPA has access to an extensive network of contractors that can deliver vital resources speedily. Regardless of the type of materials you want as well as the project complexity, ISPA delivers. From custom retail display projects to large-scale solutions, ISPA is a great option for your retail business.



CBMS stands for Canada’s Best Merchandising Services. More importantly, the “best” in the name means all it stands for. For starters, CBMS is home to a team of dedicated installers and merchandisers committed to providing you with high standards. There are hundreds of completed projects under their belt. But, CBMS makes this list of the top 10 retail display suppliers in Canada based on their wealth of experience.

However, that’s not all. CBMS works closely with customers, defining project scope and a blueprint that works. Additionally, they offer project management expertise that coaxes the best feedback from customers and staff at your store. With CBMS, value maximization is almost always guaranteed.

JPMA Global Inc.  


JPMA Global is arguably the only North American supplier of retail display fixtures that produce both wood and metal fittings under the same roof. More importantly, JPMA Global can deliver custom pieces. A simple sitdown with any of the representatives of this trailblazer is the first step to getting top-notch retail display fittings. 

This company understands that the retail market is an ever-changing industry. To that end, they use the latest computer-aided design applications to produce 3D models and renderings that enhance the production process. Furthermore, their superior innovation prowess means that customers can enjoy unique, exclusive products!

Pan Oston Ltd. 


Pan-Oston is credited with the design and manufacturing of a wide range of custom retail display fixtures. One thing that stands out in their mode of operation is the versatility they offer. Regardless of the niche and industry, your retail store belongs in, Pan Oston has the resources and technical skills to provide functional retail display designs. 

Industries, where Pan Oston has left its mark, include pharmacy, general merchandise, electronic retail, convenience, and automotive businesses. With these top 10 retail suppliers, you get products that meet the highest level of requirements for function, design, budget, and space in Canada. Superior performance and functionality are key to Pan Oston’s way of doing business.

Blake Jarrett & Company Inc. 


 The team at Blake Jarrett & Company has a unique ability to work with agency partners. In addition, the wealth of experience at their disposal means that they can lead a collaborative process. They also conceive the finest retail display fixtures in Canada. More importantly, this brand is committed to supplying retail display fittings on time and on budget. There are few things more important to the owners or retail stores in Canada.

In Conclusion

This list of the top providers of the top 10 retail display fixtures in Canada is not arranged in any particular order. However, we can assure aesthetic retail display fixtures that will tick every box on your checklist. So, check them out today!

Top 10 Podcasts That Signage Industry Professionals Should Listen To

Top 10 Podcasts That Signage Industry Professionals Should Listen To

A list of the top ten podcasts that signage industry professionals should listen to is important for one simple reason – knowledge. In the signage industry, it is very important that you find ways to keep your fingers on the pulse of innovation and trends. 

There are many ways to stay informed about changes in the signage industry. Some people choose to attend national expo events in Asia and other parts of the world. Others stay ahead of the curve by reading popular signage publications. Popular signage podcasts are another great way to stay informed about happenings. 

The Best Podcasts Are Here to Help

If you don’t have the time or financial capacity to travel to attend signage expos and tradeshows, podcasts are a great option. You can listen to them while you’re relaxing or enjoying a quiet evening at work. To make this process easier for you, we have decided to compile a list of the top 10 podcasts that signage industry professionals should listen to. Keep reading to find out more about the most popular signage podcats from around the world.

The Top 10 Signage Podcasts You Should Listen To 

Here is our list of the most popular signage podcasts that can be hugely beneficial to the average signage industry professional.

Digital Signage Done Right

Host: Derek DeWitt

Digital Signage Done Right is a podcast that is designed to provide professionals with expert information. It is hosted in the United States by communications specialist Derek DeWitt. This popular signage podcast offers practical advice on signage systems, lightbox usage, content, design, and communication.

Whether you are new to the world of signages or are a seasoned professional, you can be sure that this podcast will serve up the helpful information you need. With insights and analytical takes on signage systems and designs, you can be sure that your finger is constantly on the pulse.

Digital Signage Stories

Host: Alesia Hendley

Although Digital Signage Stories only releases content once every quarter, it is still one of the top 10 signage podcasts for professionals. This is due to the accuracy of the information that they provide.

Digital Signage Stories is geared at highlighting and discussing the most successful signage projects around the world. The content put out by host Alesia Hendley is not limited to a single market. Moreover, this popular signage podcast provides an in-depth analysis of the tech and systems used in various high-profile installations. With this valuable insight, signage industry professionals can gain valuable insight that will make their own installations more efficient.

Sixteen Nine: All Digital Signage, Some Snark

Sixteen Nine is one of the top signage publications in the world. However, this popular signage magazine does more than provide knowledge in the form of print and online articles. If you are audio inclined, then you should definitely check out their podcast — All Digital Signage, Some Snark. 

This top signage podcast focuses on documenting the immense growth of the signage industry. This means that once a week, enthusiasts and experts get to listen to in-depth discussions about the most recent happenings in the audio-visual and signage world.

Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage Today makes it into our list of top 10 signage podcasts because of its top-notch content curation. Regular listeners can expect diverse signage content that covers the evolution of signage tech all over the world. If a signage company is using lightboxes in a particular way, you can be sure that you will hear about it here from Bradley Cooper, the host.

That’s not all. This top 10 podcast also provides helpful information in the form of interviews with influential and knowledgeable personalities in the signage world.

Digital Signage Digest

Host: Llanor Alleyne, 

Digital Signage Digest is a podcast that provides helpful content including recent trends and interviews from creatives. One of the top 10 signage publications in the world, the host of the Digital Signage Digest Llanor Alleyne offers more in the form of candid interviews with customers and experts like yourself. 

Therefore, you can expect to get informed about the way signage creatives like yourself are using the latest tech. More importantly, it can be a source of inspiration for your next signage project.

Digital Signage News

This top signage podcast is geared at exploring trends in the digital signage world and beyond. Handled by experts with years of experience, this podcast is an accurate source for finding solutions to signage problems.

With regular listens, you will be able to gain valuable insight into the common problems faced by signage professionals like yourself. The panel of experts that provide content for this podcast share helpful personal experiences that can be great for professionals.

UX Diary

Host: Tanveer Singh

Hosted by Tanveer Singh, UX diary is focused on the user perspective of digital signage and other forms of audiovisual tech. This is why it is on our list of top 10 signage podcasts for industry professionals. Most people seem to think that listening to info from the experts is the best way to stay on top of trends and new tech.

However, it is also important to learn more about how your target audience perceives different digital signage installations. This is what the UX Diary offers to regular listeners.

Advantech Podcast

Host: Karen Moskow and Nathan Hager

Karen Moskow and Nathan Hager host the Advantech podcast. Together, they offer digital signage professionals comprehensive information about hardware and software integration. In addition to inside information about system integration, this signage podcast is a great source of content on how digital signage installation is perceived by audiences. If your goal is to improve your signage tech applications, Advantech Podcast is a great place to start.

AV Smackdown

Host: Chris Neto and Mark Coxon

This signage podcast is on this top 10 list as a result of the sheer expertise offered by its content creators. AV Smackdown is handled by two of the most respected heads in the signage industry namely, Chris Neto and Mark Coxon. Sometimes, they have a guest moderator with whom they discuss trends in the world of signage and audiovisual display solutions.

In addition to helpful content, the AV Smackdown is fun to listen to. Its two hosts share playful signage stories, spar verbally, and engage each other on signage collaborations, tech innovations, audiovisual failures, and more.

Commercial Integrator

Host: Adam Forziati

Commercial Integrator is a pro audiovisual podcast. Host Adam Forziati has an extensive background working in Radio. In addition to helpful content about digital signage, he also covers live sound, control, IT and visual tech. As a listener, you can expect interviews with top figures in the industry, interactive segments and the latest signage news.


Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself informed on the latest happenings concerning digital signage. The top 10 podcasts on this list offer the latest information, helpful trends, and engaging content. Give them a listen today!

Top 10 Signage Publications in the World: Some Blog and Online Magazines that Sign Pros Can Read

Top 10 Signage Publications in the World: Some Blog and Online Magazines that Sign Pros Can Read

Knowing the top 10 signage publications in the world is an advantage. Why? You will have access to all of the knowledge you need about the signage industry! Today, digital signage and outdoor advertising are vital tools in the arsenal of every marketer. No matter the niche your company is in, digital signage will always give you the extra edge you need to reach your target audience.

Just like with other aspects of tech, the signage industry is never dormant. It is always evolving. There is always signage news and events to talk about. More importantly, different new signage ideas and innovations are being pioneered every day. The top 10 signage publications in the world give you easy access to keep tabs on news, events, and changes.

To help you, we have compiled a list of top 10 signage publications that you can read from anywhere in the world. Some of the publications on this list have print editions. Others run an online magazine that you can read from the comfort of your home. Keep reading to find out more about popular signage publications from the world.

The Signage Publications You Should Read

Below is our list of top ten signage publications in the world. This list covers publications that focus on different facets of the digital signage industry.

Sign & POP World

Sign & POP World has a print version that is released six times every year. This popular signage publication has been in existence for over two decades. Over that time, Sign & POP World has shown a unique dedication to disseminating information concerning advances in signage tech.

Focusing exclusively on happenings in Asia, Sign & POP’s exclusive coverage reports how new signage tech can serve as a marketing tool for different kinds of markets in Asia.

Its reputation as one of the top ten signage publications in the world is the fact that it provides comprehensive information about events, exhibitions, and industry news. If you need help with business decisions in the signage industry, Sign & POP World also has a dedicated directory.

Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage Today is a top publication with a reputation for excellence, the latest news coverage, and reporting on recent trends. A popular signage publication that has been in existence for thirteen years now, Digital Signage Today has a global audience that consists of professionals ranging from distributors, resellers, and content providers to hardware and software vendors. 

As one of the top ten signage publications in the world, Digital Signage Today consistently churns out top-notch content that will keep your fingers on the pulse of every major happening that has to do with signage. From how different markets are using signage effectively to live coverage on top trade show events, Digital Signage Today has got you covered.

Digital Signage Magazine Australia

Another excellent entry on our list of top ten signage publications in the world is the Digital Signage Magazine Australia. They are a publication that is trying to revitalize the way news carries in the signage industry. Digital Signage Magazine Australia offers both digital and physical print editions.

With Digital Signage Magazine Australia, you can expect the latest industry trends and news. Readers will also have access to detailed case studies about different applications of digital signage in the world and in-depth product reviews. Tutorials, interviews, and candid commentaries from industry leaders in the signage business round up the treasure trove of information that this publication offers.

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine is one of the most widely read publications in the world. This alone may be enough to warrant a position on the list of top 10 signage publications in the world. However, SDG Mag’s large audience is because it is a trusted source for accurate info and news for graphic signage businesses. 

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine covers tech, latest products, market trends, and trends. Readers are welcome to enjoy the content that includes columns from respected heads in the industry. Finally, Sign and Digital Graphics magazine have hugely extensive coverage. The publication covers digital signage, channel letters, vehicle wraps, dimensional signage, and more.

Digital Signage Connection

Digital Signage Connection is an online community for enthusiasts, rookies, and industry veterans. This online signage magazine earns a position on the list of top 10 signage publications in the world due to its unique approach to coverage happenings and events in the industry. Digital Signage Connection allows its readers to feel like a part of a thriving community with interviews, contributing features from readers, webinars, and more.

Digital Signage Connection provides accurate news and information all year round. It also releases six newsletters every month. These newsletters are a source for info on the largest trade show events, conferences, and seminars.


A list of the top 10 signage publications in the world would not be complete without a mention of Sixteen-Nine. This signage magazine has been churning out first-class industry content for about fourteen years now. Managed by a company incorporated in Canada, Sixteen-Nine covers all types of outdoor news and signage happenings from every corner of the globe.

Recently, this online magazine has diversified its content to include candid pictures and videos from signage shows. Sixteen-Nine is not just about news. They also provide detailed analysis, expert insight and intelligence.

Daily Dooh

Looking for where to find the hottest news in the digital signage world? Try reading Daily Dooh. The signage industry is very expansive. However, Daily Dooh seems to have mastered the act of covering it accurately. Basically, Daily Dooh is one of the top 10 signage publications in the world because they don’t miss much.

Their news covers huge signage projects, big signage installations, surprising career changes, and more. Daily Dooh is an informative publication with enjoyable articles and columns. Its content includes funny images, bits of humour, and an originality that is rare.

Billboard Insider

Billboard Insider is one of the top ten signage publications in the world because they provide detailed analysis of different visual outdoor advertising subjects. More importantly, they encourage their readers to participate and be a part of their journey. Billboard Insider encourages readers to write in guest columns, provide feedback where possible. More importantly, if you have a signage topic you want to be covered, you can email in suggestions. It’s the perfect publication for people looking to learn more about signage in an encouraging community.


Exchange4media publishes relevant, quality releases for marketing and advertising professionals. Although Exchange4media does not exclusively focus on digital signage, their attention to detailed analysis warrants them a position on this list. Readers can expect to enjoy new original content on different applications of digital signage, visual outdoor advertising, and more.

Marketing Interactive 

Marketing Media’s place on this list of top 10 signage publications is because of its prominence in Asia. In addition to exclusive signage content, Marketing Interactive also releases content that covers advertising, marketing, and media intelligence. Basically, it’s a hub of the biggest digital signage stories and exploits.

Final thoughts

Consistently reading the top 10 signage publications in the world will provide you with important knowledge. Whether you are a marketer, an enthusiast, or a business owner in the digital signage industry, this is information that you can harness positively. Check out our top recommendations today!

Top 10 Signage Trade Shows in North America: Major Events for Sign Professionals

Top 10 Signage Trade Shows in North America: Major Events for Sign Professionals

The reason we made this blog post of the top 10 signage trade shows in North America is simple. We want to help you stay on top of the signage shows and events that are available in North America. As a signage enthusiast or maybe a business owner, it is necessary that you have all the information you need about popular signage trade shows. This will ensure that you know about new inventions, upgraded signage technology and so many other things that will make you a master in your field.

These popular signages trade shows also serve as an opportunity for signage business owners to meet with numerous potential customers. They are a platform for stakeholders and business owners in the signage world to meet like-minded individuals. Such relationships can easily become business partnerships. However you choose to look at it, there are numerous benefits to attending top signage events.

For the most part, signage in the world of today is made up of a variety of high-catching graphics, lights, and other accessories. Every day there is a lot of advancement in signage technology, especially digital signage tech. Keeping up with all the latest happenings in the signage industry can quickly become difficult. 

This is where signage trade shows come in. Attending these shows regularly will help you to stay on top of upgrades in the field of digital advertising. However, it is important that you pick the right shows to attend. Keep reading to find out about the top 10 signage shows in North America.

Signage Trade Shows in North America: The Top 10

Here is a list of the top signage trade shows that you should check and try to attend in North America.

Digital Signage Expo

Digital Signage Expo


Location: Las Vegas Convention Center Hall N2-N4, Las Vegas

Next Time Event: 31st March 2020 – 3rd April 2020

Digital Signage Expo is a very comprehensive event that is held internationally every year and dedicated extensively to digital signage. This trade show is the only one that covers every end-user vertical market from retail to entertainment in a fully immersive experience. Digital Signage Expo presents a very full array of digital and interactive displays and includes various content on design and analytics. At this event, you will be exposed to numerous new and innovative technology and content in signage. The audience for the Digital Signage Expo always had thousands of people in attendance and has run up to 35,000 in previous editions.




Location: Las Vegas Convention Center Hall N2-N4, Las Vegas

Next Time Event: 17th June 2020 – 19th June 2020

Having been around for multiple years, Infocomm is North America’s largest audiovisual trade show that has signage as one of its primary focuses. Asides from having an array of audio products and unified communications, Infocomm also has an extensive display of video control, display gadgets, and digital signage. Furthermore, the event is aimed at providing an integrated experience such that you and every other visitor get the full feel of everything that you see. 

International Sign Expo

International Sign Expo


Location: Orange  County Convention Center, South Building, Orlando, United States. 

Next Time Event: 23rd August 2020 – 25th August 2020

Another signage trade show that certainly deserves a spot on our list is the International Sign Expo. This event affords you the prime opportunity to meet numerous and diverse professionals in the signage industry. From graphics to prints to digital signage, the International Sign Expo has it all. In addition, at the ISE, you will have the opportunity to witness the exhibition of hundreds of signage industry companies. This will afford you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the graphics and visual innovations in the industry, allowing you to spend less to get more value. The International Sign Expo holds every two years and has been held since 2014.

FESPA Mexico 

FESPA Mexico 


Location: Centro Citibanamex Convention Center, Mexico City

Next Time Event: 24th September 2020 – 26th September 2020

FESPA Mexico 2020 is also one of the top signage trade shows in North America that you need to look out for this year. It is no wonder FESPA is one of the popular signage events. This is because it features top-notch exhibitions with a very impressive array of digital printing and signage. FESPA Mexico will afford you an opportunity to explore the latest solutions and innovations in digital signage, graphics, textile design, and wide format printing.

Sign Expo Canada

Sign Expo Canada


Location: The International Centre – Entrance 5, Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario

Next Time Event: 18th September 2020 – 19th September 2020

The signage industry and its participants are ever-expanding. Attending popular signage trade shows such as the Sign Expo Canada is vital. Whether you attend the event as an exhibitor or a visitor, the trade show provides you with an opportunity to learn more about signage technology, techniques, and sign methods. Sign Expo Canada also gives you the avenue to meet and possibly partner with other plays in the signage business.

Tri-State Sign Expo 

Tri-State Sign Expo 


Location: Downstream Casino in Joplin, Quapaw, United States.

Next Time Event: 6th August 2020 – 8th August 2020

Another one of the top ten signage trade shows held in North America is the Tri-State sign expo. This event, which has held every year since 2016 is one that you should look out for this year. Although the Tristate sign expo does not see as high an attendance as some of the other events on this list, it is still a prime signage trade and exhibition show. In addition to its wide array of signage technology and materials, it also has a side event involving a golf tournament. 

Northeast States Sign Expo


Location: Ledyard, United States

Next Time Event: 30th July 2020 – 31st July 2020

One of the top 10 signage trade shows in North America is the Northeast States Sign Expo. The event is a golden opportunity for you to meet with hundreds of exhibitors of various signage equipment, innovations, and technology. Also called the NSSA Sign Expo, the event allows you to observe and enjoy the exhibition of numerous signage products and services. This can help you achieve a competitive edge and stimulate much-needed growth in your business. Furthermore, you get to meet with and network with other professionals in the signage industry as the event sees thousands of people in attendance every year. 

The NBM Show

The NBM Show


Location: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Next Time Event: 11th June 2020 – 13th June 2020

If your goal is to learn a lot about the new trends and to stay on top of new inventions, then the NBM show is certainly the place for you. It is not a fluke that the NBM Show is among the top signage shows in North America. For one, it provides an impressive array of sign making, digital printing, screen printing, and digital signage exhibition. Furthermore, the NBM show offers a synergic platform for signage graphic professionals, suppliers, and distributors without anyone feeling left out of the equation. 

Lightfair International

Lightfair International


Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

Next Time Event: 5th May 2020 – 7th May 2020

This tradeshow is one of the most famous events relating to the lighting industry and signage. Over the years, since its inception in 2011, the lightfair has become a very large event and has a very impressive display of lighting products, exterior luminaires, and signage devices. If you are more interested in lighting system signages, then this event is certainly the place for you.

International Digital Signage Expo


Location: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Next Time Event: 22nd April 2020 – 24th April 2020

Finally, we know that the International Digital Signage Expo often holds outside North America but it still deserves a spot on this list. If you own or run a business and you want to know about and utilize innovations and breakthroughs in technology in the digital signage industry for your business, then the IDSE is a hugely recommended event. You can also find solutions that are unique to your business by conversing with the numerous exhibitors at the event. 

In Conclusion 

The top 10 signage trade shows in North America offer a unique opportunity for networking and creating new business relationships. More importantly, they are the perfect platform for you to see what’s new in the world of signage and advertising. Plan to attend one today!

Comparison: Edge Lit Frame vs Backlit Lightbox

Comparison: Edge Lit Frame vs Backlit Lightbox

Today, most marketers use light boxes to enhance the visibility and acceptance of their outdoor and indoor advertising efforts. Find out the two light box designs today!

The question “Should I choose edge lit frame or backlit light box?” is a highly popular one. This is because of the functionality and the popularity of light boxes as advertising and signage tools.

Related: Comparison: SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs. Snap Frame

However, choosing a side in the edge lit frame vs backlit light box choice is more difficult than it looks. For one, there are many considerations that have to be made when choosing which light box to buy from an online store.

One such consideration is the size. How big do you want your light box to look?

Also, you have to consider the mounting of your light box as this can influence the choice of profile.

Another important consideration is whether or not it will be built into an already existing structure. The answer to these questions will determine the stabilization of your light boxes and can affect the construction.

You need to decide whether you will employ mounted back-lit LED lights or lights that fit around the perimeter of your light box.

In this article, we will discuss both options and help you come to the best decision for your light box needs.

Edge-Lit Light Boxes: All You Should Know

Edge-lit light boxes have light bulbs all across the frame edges. These lights are designed to shine sideways, penetrating the translucent film behind your graphic. Therefore, they will indirectly light up your message for your target audience to see.

Edge Lit Light Boxes

Typically, edge-lit light boxes can be very thin. The lights on the edges of the side of the box allow the frame to be designed as ultra-thin.

Additionally, these light boxes require less illumination. Therefore, you can expect your energy costs to be less than other light box options.

Downsides of edge-lit lightboxes

However, there are a few downsides to buying an edge-lit light box.

For instance, there may be a glow on the corners and sides of your graphic display. Although, the effect of this glow can be reduced with the use of diffusion paper. Additionally, the size of your edge-lit light boxes can be a con.

When considering buying edge-lit frames or backlit light boxes, remember that with for larger sizes of edge lit frames, the bulbs will be far away from the center. Therefore, it may look dimmer.

All in all, edge-lit light boxes are very effective for signage and advertising needs, especially if you need a small to medium frame.

How Do Backlit Light Boxes Work?

Backlit light boxes work well outdoors. Typically, the frame of this type of light box has LED bulbs all across the back of the panel. This construction style means that the graphic in your lightboxes will be highly visible.

Also, they offer an even distribution of light that is almost impossible to beat.

Backlit Fabric Light Box

However, this feature can also be a con.  For one, it means that you will definitely spend more on energy costs for a backlit light box compared to an edge lit frame design.

In addition, backlit light boxes do not have a low profile design. There is usually space behind the light boxes as you would have to accommodate the LED light bulbs.

Edge-Lit Frame vs Backlit Light Boxes: How to Make Your Choice

The major difference between an edge lift frame and backlit lightboxes is the choice of lighting. Backlit lightboxes make use of indirect lighting that can have serious implications on your advertising and how effective it is. This style of lighting can be great for well-illuminated areas. Also, if you are using a translucent poster, they might be the best option.

On the other hand, edge-lit frame light boxes make use of indirect lighting. They are more energy-efficient and don’t need a lot of maintenance efforts. If you are finding it hard to choose a side in the edge-lit frame vs backlit design argument, make your choice based on the following parameters.

How bright do you want your graphic to be?

Backlit lightboxes always look brighter than their edge-lit counterparts. This is because the light illuminating the graphics is shining directly on it and not sideways.  Edge-lit frame light boxes offer a standard level of brightness. This means that they may not be suitable for use depending on the application.

How much cabinet room do you have?

Backlit boxes require more cabinet room behind the graphic. Usually, you are going to need about 2-4 inches between the graphic and the light bulbs to get the best diffusion of light. However, if you need a sleek, flat look, go for edge-lit frames. Since the light is transmitted from the side, it can be less than 1-inch in depth.

How much “uniformity of diffusion” do you need?

The uniformity of diffusion is a measure of how uniform the intensity of your display is from one side to another, simply put, how even is the light. This is an essential consideration to make especially if your signage will be in a poorly lit area. 

In the backlit frame vs edge-lit frame light boxes, backlit variants always deliver more uniformity. With backlit light boxes, light is always spread across the face of the graphic evenly. However, this is not the case for edge-lit frame boxes.

Edge-lit frame light boxes have an extra glow along the edges of the LED bulbs. This means that with increases in size, your graphic designs will look dimmer at the centre of the design. 

How much are you willing to spend?

An important point to consider in the edge-lit frame vs backlit light boxes discussion is the financial implication. Typically, a backlit light needs many more LED lights to illuminate your graphic display compared to an edge lit frame. For illustration, a medium-sized backlit light box may have about 800 LED lamps while an edge lit frame of the same size will only need about 100 lamps. 

This can have more implications if you want to light up your designs on both sides. An edge-lit frame is more economical if you are going for double-sided, free-standing signage that can be viewed from all sides. With edge-lit frames, you need the same number of LED lights to illuminate your design whether you are lighting up one or two sides.

Final thought

There is no clear winner in the edge-lit frame vs backlit light box discussion. Both variants of light box designs are effective. It all depends on your unique needs.

Once you make your choice, the next step is to ensure that you buy a light box of excellent quality. Buying a product that is durable, bright, and efficient will save you a lot of stress. At Prime Light Boxes, we are committed to saving you from stress. We make and sell high-quality edge-lit frame and backlit light boxes to customers in the US and Canada. Contact us today!

Comparison: SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs. Snap Frame

Comparison: SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs. Snap Frame

The SEG Fabric vs Snap Frame argument is one that is hugely contested by many advertising and signage experts. With the advent of the use of light boxes in the US and Canada, the argument is one that is prevalent. Take a look at the differences between the two and the light box solutions you need.

Light boxes posters are recognized as the most effective advertising medium available for outdoor purposes. A true advertising marvel, light boxes incorporate elements of LED lighting, color, illumination, and design to create the most effective advertising boxes. Apart from the fact that they are beautiful, light boxes are also hugely effective. Their unique combination of color and illumination can catch the attention of the target audience more than a non-illuminated poster ever could. Two of the most popular LED backlit light boxes kinds are framelss SEG fabric and snap frame posters

Marketing in today’s world can be very competitive. Even if you are using light boxes to advertise, different types may be best for different scenarios. This is why the SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs Snap Frame argument is hugely dominant. Most people want to know what the best light box is between the SEG Fabric and Snap Frame light boxes.

Light Box Solutions by Prime Light Boxes 

Here at Prime Light Boxes, we have years of experience manufacturing and selling different types of light boxes. Therefore, we are well familiar with both sides of the “SEG Fabric vs Snap Frame light boxes” argument. More importantly, we have expert knowledge that can help you make the decision on the best type of light box to use for your signage and advertising needs.

In this article, we will take a close look at both SEG Fabric light boxes and the Snap Frame variants. We will also discuss the merits and features of each light box design to help you choose the best one for your advertising needs.

SEG Fabric Light Boxes: All You Need To Know

The SEG being discussed in the SEG Fabric vs Snap Frame light boxes discourse is an acronym of Silicone Edge Graphics. This kind of light box has its design printed on special tension fabric using an innovative dye-sublimation process. Typically, the fabric graphic usually has a thin silicone strip around the edges to tug into the poster frame.

LED lit SEG Fabric lightbox
What the insideo of a LED lit SEG Fabric lightbox looks like

LED backlit SEG Fabric light boxes are created via a painstakingly precise process. The silicon finished edges described above are fitted into a groove surrounding the perimeter of the framing system. The result of this is a “frameless” appearance that looks upscale and is perfect for most fashion brands advertising and signage needs.

Below are some of the top features of these light boxes:

Fashionable and upscale appearance 

The stylish appearance of your branded image is a factor that will determine the impression that your light box advert will leave with customers. SEG Fabric light boxes usually have a “framless” look that is very beautiful and effective. The use cases are:

  • In retail settings: Back-lit signage is the best way to display large, eye-catching artwork in a retail environment
  • Exhibitions and trade shows: The whole point of attending exhibitions and trade shows is to get more brand exposure. LED Light Boxes can add a very vivid dimension to your booth or display.
  • Lobbies and reception ares of buildings and offices: Served as illuminated wall displays, framelss fabric posters can lift up the whole theme.
  • Homes: Got a fancy house? Fabric lightbox posters can surely make artwork on your wall standout.
  • Etc…

Easy to switch out graphics

This is one area where SEG Fabric light boxes have the edge in the argument vs snap frame light boxes. Changing the graphic is a quick process that can be done with minimal effort and technical experience. 

The perimeter of the graphic usually has a special silicone gasket that is fitted into a groove around the frame. Swapping out the graphics is a simple process that entails removing it from the groove and re-installing the new one.

Economical for larger sizes

The fabrics used for SEG Fabric light boxes are durable and light weight. This means that it is far less cumbersome to manage compared to other media. As a result, SEG fabric is highly recommended for larger signage needs.

Customizable framing system

This another feature where SEG holds a slight edge in the SEG Fabric light boxes vs Snap Frame argument. The fabric framing system used for SEG light boxes can be customized to meet your preferences. 

They can be built as single or double-sided frames, wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, or LED Backlit. It is also possible to install SEG Fabric light boxes with free-standing applications.

Snap Frame System: All You Need To Know 

Snap Frame light boxes are usually made with a heavy aluminum frame. This frame is very sturdy and very durable. Therefore, you can be sure of the durability of these light boxes. Snap Frame light boxes are built to last. 

3 LED lit snap frame light boxes as ad posters hanging on the wall.

Snap Frame light boxes derive their name from the heavy-duty snap frame. The aluminium frame opens up to aid you in removing and replacing graphics. However, they tend to be a tad more technical when compared to SEG Fabric light frames. Care has to be taken to make sure that you don’t damage the new graphic while trying to fit it perfectly in place.

Benefits of LED-backlit snap frame light boxes

Sames with fabric lightboxes, snap frame ones also have the same advantages:

  • Custom made framing system
  • Easy to switch the posters/graphics
  • Illuminating (LED lit)

Unique advantage: ultra-thin design

LED panels for light boxes have seen serious advancements over the past few years. This has resulted in thinner light box designs. Snap Frame designs for one can come in ultra-thin structures that look very sleek and attractive. 

This can be a plus for advertising. Most of the time, we want light boxes that will not look ugly and intrusive. If you are in need of a slimmer design in the SEG Fabric light boxes vs Snap Frame argument, go for Snap Frame designs. They are far less bulky and will practically lie flat on the mounting structure.

Summary: SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs Snap Frame

When it comes to choosing between SEG light boxes and Snap Frame designs, there are no clear winners. Both options are very effective light box systems for advertising, commercial and personal needs.

With SEG Fabric light boxes, you will enjoy a unique durable LED tech that will illuminate your graphics and signs brilliantly. Therefore, you can be sure that light will be evenly spread across the surface to make your designs more visible. Additionally, they are a great option if you are going to be swapping out signage frequently.

On the other hand, Snap Frame light boxes are hugely versatile. They come in flat designs that are unobtrusive and perfect for most advertising needs. Whether you choose to buy a Snap Frame light box or an SEG Fabric design, it is important that you buy one from a light box company with a reputation for excellence. 

Prime Light Boxes are the premium makers of light boxes for clients in the US and Canada. Discuss your light box needs with us and we’ll give you our Light Box Solutions. Alternatively, you can go through our online store to pick from any of our SEG Fabric and Snap Frame light boxes.

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