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There are various applications of the LED light box

We’re here to help you choose the best lightbox application for your place.

LED lightboxes are used to illuminate movie posters, light up the wine rack and cabinet, or glow onyx & stones. They can play a role as a faux window or fake window light box for spaces that have no view. Besides, they are a must for the retail store and shopping malls to draw attention from shoppers. The LED light boxes are useful as ad signs for trade shows and events as well. Also, they are a great option for office lighting and decoration, etc.

Lightbox Application For Establishments

A frameless fabric lightbox is a wonderful solution to catch shoppers’ attention. It is used as a retail poster, illuminated signs, banners for shopping malls, and retail stores. Also, it is often used on ad signs for trade shows and events. With the elegant look that shows almost no frame, your store can be easily stand out among others and attract customers.

Using a backlit LED panel in a wine rack and cabinet creates an astonishing image that impresses anyone. Two products that can be used for this application are The Acrylic LED Light Panel and the Backlit LED Panel.

Lightbox Application For Your Home

Meanwhile, for places like the basement with insufficient light and no window, LED Snap Frame Lightbox or LED Wood Frame is a perfect choice. They can significantly transform the look of your place, whether it is an office, a basement room, kitchen, living room in your house, or den that lacks a view. Moreover, with the LED snap frame lightbox you can easily change the view of your faux window or fake window light boxjust by changing the inside poster.

Moreover, if you want to build a home theater or just simply to decorate your room, the LED Snap Frame lightbox is also a great fit. It can play an amazing role as the movie poster display frame. And you can change the movie poster accordingly.


Fake Window

Office Lighting & Decor

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