LED Snap Frames

How LED Snap Frames Are Used As Movie Poster Light Boxes

A stylish way of displaying your most prized movie poster is using light boxes. You can place these inside your home theater or just outside your entertainment room similar to what movie theaters do. Installation for these movie poster light boxes is easy since they are made of snap frames.

So, what are LED Snap Frames?

These light boxes are easy to use because you don’t need special tools to place, change or replace the poster inside. The frames work like big clips that hold the poster and the clear acrylic cover in front of the poster. These clip-like frames have a sturdy spring-back design concealed within the frames.

LED snap frames come in different sizes. These frames can go as small as A4 (or maybe even smaller) to as big as 48″ X 96″. They are edge-lit with CSA/UL certification.

You can choose standard sizes or order customized frames light boxes depending on your needs. Also, these snap frame light boxes are either single or double-sided.

Single-Sided Vs. Double-Sided

Single-sided frames are usually wall mountable for displaying desired movie posters, ads, or signages. These frames are great for movie poster light boxes.

Aside from snap frames, you can also use single-sided light boxes that are non-snap. The non-snap frame is semi-permanent to a permanent fixture on your wall.

On the other hand, double-sided snap frames have dual sides. Usually, businesses use these types for maximum exposure of ads and information in crowded or heavy foot traffic areas. These frames are often floor-standing or hanging in the ceiling.

Uses of LED Snap Frames

You can use these snap frames for business purposes:

  • Advertisement
  • Great for in-store signages
  • Products display
  • Information display

Moreover, LED snap frames are great for personal use.

  • Display your favorite poster movies or photos
  • Flaunt your artworks or paintings


You can easily screw the snap frame to the wall. Alternatively, some manufacturers include a piece of “Z” bar, which is screwed to the wall, and the snap frame is placed on it. Either way, it would take a few minutes to install the frame.

Power Supply

Some suppliers offer a plug-in power supply for each frame, or a large hard-wire power supply to feed multiple light boxes. You need a certified electrician to install the hard wire power supply.

5 Tips on Buying Snap Frames

Look for CSA/UL lable. The best movie light box snap frames have CSA/UL certification. This certification shows that the light boxes have undergone quality assurance since these products use electrical materials for the LED.

Make sure your poster fits. Most LED snap frames are made in standard sizes in China. You can find North American manufacturers that make custom size snap frames, including the size that is suitable for movie posters.

Movie Poster Light Box in a Home Theater - Prime Light Boxes

Select a dimmable light box with a good quality dimmer. It would be great to have a movie poster lightbox that allows you to dim or brighten the LED lights. This might cost you a few more dollars, but it is important if you want to keep a cozy ambiance in your theater room. Also, make sure that the light box comes with an on/off switch.

Opt of premium-grade LED snap frames. The quality of snap frames is not just measurable in terms of the electrical components. Choose a frame with a clear cover panel.

Longer warranty, better quality. Generally, a warranty also plays a role in the quality of a product. An extended warranty period often signifies excellent quality because the manufacturer of the LED snap frames is confident about the quality. In addition to the quality of the snap frame, the quality of the power supply is as important. LEDs in a snap frame normally last long, but it’s the power supply that may fail in a short time, and create aggregation.

Where to buy movie posters for light boxes. There are a number of websites that offer a good selection of movie posters. movieposters.com is a company in Toronto, Canada, with lots of choices.


Movie poster light boxes add elegance to your entertainment room. Choose easy-to-use LED snap frames to protect your movie posters from ordinary to extreme wear-and-tear conditions. Most suppliers of the movie posters carry 27” X 40” posters, printed double sided, and suitable for a light box. Depending on the design of the frame, a LED snap frame for a movie poster is a few inches larger than the poster. Although manufacturers may offer different colors of the frames, black LED snap frames are very popular for movie posters.

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