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Our non-lit light box frames are long-lasting, energy-saving and CSA/UL (CA, USA) certified. Our products are built in our Toronto warehouse, Ontario, Canada. Moreover, all are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Our master technicians have over two decades of experience in the industry. Also, our team constantly strives to ensure that you get the best product.

 All the Fabric Light Boxes that we manufacture are available in non-lit frames.

Single-Sided Wall Mount Frames

Our 1.5” profile is slim and can be easily installed. The 2” and 3” profiles are perfect options for larger units. Additionally, with an Alupanel back plate, the unit can be screwed to the wall. For all options, the printed fabric is easily installed on the frame and can be replaced in a few minutes.

Double Sided, Free-Standing, and Hanging Frames

Our Free Standing SEG Frames are shipped unassembled and can be put together in a few minutes. The frames are made with a 4” extrusion. Moreover, the supporting legs give the stability that is needed for the frames in public places with human traffics around them. Our easy to use hanging hardware allows the customer to have beautiful window displays, with fabric prints and vibrant colors.

All the Snap Frame Light Boxes that we manufacture are available in non-lit frames.

 All the Fabric Light Boxes that we manufacture are available in non-lit frames.


Our Standard profile is slim and built to last. We can make this frame in sizes up to 48” X 96”. Also, the poster is placed between a clear cover and a white back panel. It is also replaceable in a couple of minutes. With the holes inside the frame, it can be easily screwed to the wall. Moreover, we can also have a “Z” clip on the frame, as an alternative installation.

Meanwhile, our slim profile is an ideal solution for small sizes (up to 40” X 40” frames). It comes with hanging hardware on the wall. The frame can be installed in portrait and landscape orientations. On the other hand, the poster can be replaced in a couple of minutes.

Double Sided

Our Double Sided Non-lit Snap Frames come with easy-to-use hanging hardware and clear cover on both sides. The type is an ideal solution for hanging window displays, or inside signs. Changing the posters takes just a few minutes. We can make this type in sizes up to 36 inches x 72 inches.

We manufacture Double Sided, Non-lit Snap Frames in black and anodized silver.

Custom Sizes

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CSA/UL Certificate

Why clients in Canada and the U.S. order non-lit light boxes from us?

In the last few years, hundreds of companies have started to sell different types of non-lit light boxes in Canada and the USA. When looking for a non-lit light boxes for sale, there are a number of things to consider.

At Prime Light Boxes, we make sure all the products we make meet your expectations and the industry standards. We manufacture all of our products from beginning to the end at our plant in Toronto, Canada. Our advantages are high quality raw materials, state of the art machinery, vigorous quality control, short lead time, reasonable prices, and effective after sales service.

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