Made in Canada 

We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada


Thanks to NAFTA, no customs charges applied on our products

Prime Light Boxes are manufactured in Ontario, Canada, and are shipped to anywhere in the US and Canada. Thanks to the NAFTA agreement, there are no customs charges for our products when being shipped to the US.

Made in Canada

Prime Light Boxes are manufactured in Ontario, Canada

Ship to U.S.

Thanks to NAFTA, no customs charges are applied on our products

CSA/UL Certificate

CSA/UL is recognized in the US, Canada and around the world. Click here to check our Certification.

All our products has CSA/UL mark. Hence, the products are recognized in the US, Canada, and worldwide. The CSA/UL International certification marks or show that a product, process, or service has been tested to Canadian or US standards. Thus, these products meet all the requirements of an applicable CSA/UL standard or another recognized document used as a basis for the certification.
The CSA certification or UL approval is required for most commercial projects in the US and Canada. So, when you purchase our products, you are assured that your projects will pass relevant safety inspections.

We can produce Snap Frame custom products up to 8’x4′, and Fabric Frameless Displays in virtually any size

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