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Even light distribution across the displays

Our LED light boxes and Britesheet products use the state-of-art technology to produce slim, bright and energy efficient displays used in advertizing and retail stores. We use advanced technology to ensure even distribution of light across the displays. Here are main advantages of our products compared to their traditional counterparts:

1. Ultra Slim

Our products use LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology with LED as light source. This technology enables us to build very slim ultra bright displays. LED lighting produces very little heat and does not reqiure large boxes for heat dispersion.

2. Ultra Bright

We use very bright LED lights in our products. The brightness of our LED displays is more than comparable conventional displays.

3. Even Light Distribution

We use mechanical etching of LGP to provide long lasting and ultra bright light for our displays. Our 3D etching tecnology produces etched lines with differing distance to ensure even distribution of light throughout the display. The eched lines are placed closer to each other when they are further from the light source (see the drawing above)

4. LED Light Source

We use LEDs as the light source for our displays. Here are some of advantages of LEDs over other types of light sources:

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable (LEDs contain no mercury)
  • Most efficient lighting source available today
  • High efficiency: 1/10th power of regular light bulbs
  • Superior life: 50,000 hours, 20 to 30 times regular light bulbs
  • Cool-to-the-touch and no UV rays
  • Lower maintenance cost (longer life = less frequent replacements)
  • Lower utility expenses

We can produce custom products up to 8’x4′