Backlit Light Panel Illuminating Onyx

Best Way to Backlit Onyx and Marble Slabs

What is the best way to backlit Onyx slabs? More and more people are using Onyx and some special types of marble for their countertops and backsplashes in their kitchens or for their bars. As a result, designers are increasingly interested in incorporating these materials in their work. But the question is: How can you backlit an Onyx or similar stones evenly and with maximum brightness? A system that gives you the best possible result, yet it’s affordable and it’s easy to install.

In this article, we will focus on Onyx, which is a fairly difficult material to work with, and because of the cost, one would want the best possible lighting to use. We will discuss the right LED Light Panel and the installation process and requirements.

Based on our experience, the best choice to backlit Onyx and the like is a Backlit Light Panel. The reason is that, compared to Acrylic Light Panel, which is recommended by some, the Backlit Light Panel gives %100 even light, and it’s very bright. It’s easy to install, it costs less, but more importantly, it can be made in large sizes. Prime Light Boxes makes this type of light panel in custom sizes and shapes.

The process of getting and installing the light panels is simple. Whether you are backlighting a countertop with or without waterfalls or a backsplash wall, you need to provide a simple drawing or sketch that would show the overall dimensions and the sink and faucet locations, if any. Once we receive that, our engineering team prepares a drawing based on the information you provided and places LEDs all over the area on the drawing, for your final approval. It takes only a few days for us to process the order and manufacture the light panels you need.

Initial Drawing

LEDs Placed All Over

Installation of Backlit Stone Panels

Once you have the light panels in place, and you can simply screw them on the countertop or the wall, you need to maintain a 1.5” distance between the light panels and the stone in front or on top of them. We make special spacers out of acrylic to support the stone. After installing all, because the spacers are made of clear acrylic, you won’t see any shadow or dark areas on the illuminated stone.



Electrical Installation of Backlit Stone Panels

We normally include a hardwire power supply with the backlit light panels. Although it’s a simple task, a qualified electrician should install the power supply inside a metal enclosure (included in the package), and connect the light panels to it.  You should place the enclosure, with the power supply in it in an accessible and well-ventilated spot. The electrician can easily install a switch to turn all the panels on and off.

As an option, we can include a dimmable power supply in the package. So, you would be able to dim all the light panels with a regular wall dimmer.








Let us help you backlit stone panels. Contact us to get a quote for a custom size and shape LED light panel. Transform your kitchen or bar to a different level. Our engineering and sales teams will work with you to make the whole process. We are here from the beginning to the end, hassle-free, quick, and economical.



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