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Backlighting Onyx and Other Translucent Materials: A Guide to Light Panels

Backlighting has become a popular way to enhance the beauty of translucent materials, such as Onyx, marble, and glass. It provides a stunning visual effect by illuminating the natural patterns and colors of the material. There are two types of light panels that can be used for backlighting: Backlit Light Panel and Acrylic Light Panel. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of both types.

Backlit Light Panel

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Backlit Light Panel is a highly effective way to backlight Onyx and other translucent materials. It provides a bright and even light that brings out the natural beauty of the material. The light panel is placed behind the material and emits light evenly across the surface. This type of light panel is ideal for large areas and can be placed side by side to cover the whole surface.

One of the key benefits of a Backlit Light Panel is that it provides 100% even light. Furthermore, it is essential to maintain a distance of 2″ between the light panel and the object that is in front of it, such as Onyx or marble. This distance can be maintained by using spacers. Prime Light Boxes manufactures custom sizes of Backlit Light Panels, with required cut outs, that can be placed side by side to cover the whole area and makes the spacers that can maintain the 2″ distance.

     Acrylic Spacers

Onyx Placed on the Spacers 

Totally Even Light on Onyx

 Acrylic Light Panel

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Acrylic Light Panel is another type of light panel that is suitable for backlighting Onyx and other translucent materials. Unlike the Backlit Light Panel, for Acrylic Light Panel, there is no need for spacers, and the object can be placed on top of the panel. It is very thin, only 3/8″ thick, and emits a bright light that illuminates the material.

Prime Light Boxes manufactures Acrylic Light Panels in custom sizes up to 48″ X 96″, with cut outs, if needed. To cover a larger area that is not within these dimensions, several light panels can be placed side by side. There may be a slight shadow that may or may not be noticeable through the object, but it does not significantly affect the overall visual effect.

Both types of light panels are dimmable, and a low voltage dimmer with a regular power supply, or a dimmable power supply can be used. The light panels come with an 8′ wire that connects to the power supply placed inside the cabinets. This makes it very easy to install and use.

Backlighting Onyx and other translucent materials is an effective way to enhance their natural beauty. Backlit Light Panels and Acrylic Light Panels are both suitable for this purpose, and they offer different benefits. In addition, the Backlit Light Panel provides 100% even light but requires a distance of 2″ between the panel and the material. The Acrylic Light Panel is very thin and easy to install but may cause a slight shadow. Prime Light Boxes manufactures both types of light panels in custom sizes to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

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