3 in Fabric Light Box | Prime Light Boxes


Color Temperatures:6500K

Frame Colors: Silver, White, Custom

Mounting Options: Wall Mount, Hanging, “Z” Clips

Power Supply Options: Plug-in, Hard Wire

Canada-CSA-1 | Prime Light Boxes

Made in Canada

We ship anywhere in USA and Canada

Our 3” backlit fabric light box is the best choice to tell your brand’s story with light. All our slim light boxes come in easy installation patterns offering you the convenience of hanging it from the ceiling or installing it on the wall. We have engineered the product in such a way that changing the fabric is also quite easy and can be done in about 10 minutes.

We manufacture this product in custom sizes to suit all your business and personal requirements. We can also have your image printed on fabric and installed on the light box so that you do not have to worry about the installation. The light box retains the same brightness and remains maintenance free for many years. See our Product List and Product Galleries for more information and ideas on the slim fabric light box.

The frame of this light box is made of a high quality aluminum profile, it is called “Frameless” since only ⅛” of the profile is visible in front. The LED’s are installed on the edges of an engraved acrylic and are then attached to the frame which keeps the LED’s cool and prolongs their life, offering you more value for money.We use only high quality parts to manufacture all our light boxes. The corner brackets, the LEDs, entire internal wiring, and the aluminum extrusion are all made to last for long. Our production team follows strict quality assurance guidelines to ensure that only flawless products are made and shipped out to the customer.

Our slim fabric light Boxes come with plug-in or hard wire transformers, and hanging hardware, if needed.


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