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LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

  • Creates modern and beautiful displays
  • Back-lit lighting for even and bright light
  • Available as Single Sided or Double Sided
  • Cost effective and long lasting LED lighting
  • Available at virtually unlimited lengths and widths
  • Light weight Free standing or wall mounted
  • Easy to change fabric poster

Available Types:

Single Sided

  • Ultra Thin 1.5” Profile (Edgelit)
  • 2” Profile (Backlit)
  • 3” Profile (Backlit)

Double Sided

  • Free Standing with 4” Profile
  • Slim Hanging with 2.75” Profile

Types of LED Frameless Fabric Light boxes

Although the frame of this light box is made of a high quality aluminum profile, it’s called Frameless Fabric Light Box, since only ⅛” of the profile is visible in front. We manufacture different types of Frameless Fabric Light Boxes.

1. Edge-lit

This is the most common type of LED Frameless Fabric Light Box. The LED light sources are placed on the frame (usually on the 2 long sides). We manufacture single sided, edgelit, with a very thin profile, which is only 1.5”, and double sided, edgelit, with 4” and 2.75” profiles. These are special and very powerful LED lights that can light up very big displays. Several rows of light can be installed next to each other for very large displays. The LED light sources are covered with special lenses that distribute the light evenly. The fabric on the front and back of the display helps reflect and distribute the light.

Our Free-Standing, Double Sided Fabric Light Boxes are Edge-lit, and we use 4” extrusion. They are shipped un-assembled for easy and more economical shipping. Assembly and installation are easy and fast. We can manufacture this type in very large sizes for retail stores and for trade shows.

We use a 2.75” extrusion for our thin hanging Double Sided Fabric Light Boxes. This type is shipped assembled, and is very easy to install.

2. Back-lit

The light source of Back-lit LED Frameless Fabric Light Box is an array of many smaller LEDs that are placed on the back plate of the light box. This type of light box ensures very bright and even lighting of the display, no matter the size. We manufacture the back-lit light boxes with 2” and 3” profiles. They are shipped assembled, and are very easy to install. With these two profiles, we can have an internal power supply, which is dimmable. We can also make them with a low voltage dimmer, placed inside the light box.






LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes are widely used in retail stores, museums, airports, hospitals, meeting rooms, and the like. With the new developments in LED technology, we can make larger and brighter lightboxes, with vibrant colors printed on fabric. The backlit light boxes, with very bright LEDs, provide more than accent lighting to different environment. Compared to more traditional light boxes, such as snap frames, LED Fabric Light Boxes have many advantages.


Whereas most of the other types of the LED light boxes come in sizes up to 48” X 96”, both Single Sided and Double Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes can be made in very large sizes. For easy and cost effective shipping, we manufacture them in sections, that are easily assembled at the jobsite. Using quick connectors, electrical assembly can take a few minutes.

The Brightness

Our Frameless LED Fabric Light Boxes, backlit or edgelit, are very bright, and add to the beauty of your environment. In particular, our Single Sided Fabric Light Boxes, which are backlit, provide more than 3500 Lumen, which is needed in bright environments. However, in some cases, at the request of our customers, we install low voltage dimmer inside the light box, and give our customers the option of dimming the light at different levels, if needed.

The Weight

LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes are light weight, which helps to keep the shipping cost down, and facilitates the installation of large sizes, thus requires less preparation before the installation. Even the very large ones, being made in many sections, are easy to handle and install.

The Look

We manufacture these light boxes in different sizes of profiles. Regardless of the depth, when looking at them, one can’t see the frame, and only the image printed on the stretched fabric is visible. That’s why they are called frameless. The overall look is very modern, and it’s the bright image that catches all the attention. Also, at the request of some of our customers, we can have an internal power supply and/or a dimmer, installed inside the frame, behind the printed fabric. This adds to the beauty of the light box, since only a power cord coming out of the light box is visible.

The Cost

Overall cost of a Frameless Fabric Light Box, including the printed fabric is generally lower than other types of light boxes. Large and custom sizes, despite of being brighter and look better, are more cost-effective, and attract more customers.

More and more customers, commercial or residential, are using LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes. Using this type gives them more options, while offers them better look with less cost of the product, shipping, and installation.