LED Panels for Illuminating Stones and Glowing Onyx

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Acrylic LED Panel

Ultra-thin and energy efficient.

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Backlit LED Panel

Bright, even light, and scalable sizes

LED Panels for Illumiating Stones and Glowing Onyx

 All the products that you buy from us are CSA/UL approved and come with UL approved power supplies. We offer a 3 year warranty for all the light boxes and a 1 year warranty for the power supply products. We prioritize safety, quality, short lead time and reasonable prices so that our customers will not have anything to worry as they buy from Prime Light Boxes.

Backlit stone slabs can give your environment an astonishing look.

However, it’s important to understand the type of lighting you need to use, so you can have a bright and even light behind your stone. In many installations, the light is either not bright enough, or it’s not even, and one can see hot spots in different areas. Whereas in the past fluorescent lights were used for backlit projects, nowadays the LED panels give a perfect solution for the backlit lights behind stone sheets, such as onyx.

The onyx slabs are expensive, and the installation requires good understanding of the stone and the light behind it.

For a good installation, you need to:

Features of our LED light panels for illuminating stones:

Superior brightness

LED panels, both acrylic and backlit offer a powerful light output and highlights your message with supreme brightness

Custom made

LED Panels by design are flexible in nature. We make them in all custom sizes and shapes according to your needs

Long lasting

Unlike conventional lighting sources, LED lights last longer and offer better brightness throughout. They approximately last 50 times longer than an incandescent light.

Lower energy consumption

LED lights by design consume less electricity and dissipate considerably less heat. Both of these factors help reduce your electricity bill

Wide range of use cases

There is rising trend of glowing stones on interior decoration: The wide range of application includes: Countertop, Stairway, Feature walls, Onyx lamps, Backlit bar counter


Longer life and less power consumption together contribute to reduced waste creation and efficient energy usage

Acrylic LED Panel

This type is a clear acrylic that is laser engraved and has LEDs on 2 or 4 edges.

Ultra-thin and energy efficient.

Backlit LED Panel

This type is a sheet with LED placed on the entire area.

Bright, even light, and scalable sizes


Why order wholesale LED light panels from us?

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