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Top 10 Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers in Canada

Retail fixtures are an important part of any physical store. Many a time, they can directly influence the success of your retail business. Typically, retail store fixtures are specially designed fittings used to showcase products to customers. The top retail store fixture suppliers in Canada have perfected the art of delivering fixtures. The suppliers can combine aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Functionality is a characteristic of retail fixtures that determines how accessible your products are to customers. On the other hand, the aesthetic appeal will determine how attractive your store is to prospective shoppers. Both features determine the overall shopping experience you can give to customers.

So you see, it is vital that you install the right set of retail display fixtures in your store. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 retail store fixtures suppliers in Canada. With these recommendations, you’ll know where to get solutions for your product display issues. Let’s get into it!

The Top Retail Store Fixtures Suppliers  in Canada

All the names on this list have one thing in common. They are excellence personified. With innovations and dedication to being the best, the top suppliers of retail fixtures in Canada offer excellence every time.

BGI Retail 


BGI Retail is a store fixture supplier with a focus on delivering outstanding experiences to every customer. This is evident in the creative passion and purpose that accompany every project handled by BGI Retail. 

For starters, this company is one that believes in the principle of teamwork. From the design team to the manufacturing and delivery departments, every team works in tandem to ensure that customers get the best. As one of the top retail store fixture suppliers in Canada, BGI Retail offers excellent planning, design, project management, and manufacturing services.

Continental SFG


Continental Store Fixture Group is your one-stop for innovative retail display solutions. This is a company with a bundle of experience amounting to five decades. Therefore, you can be sure Continental SFG has the technical resources needed to design and create masterful retail display fixtures. 

As one of the top suppliers of display fixtures in Canada, Continental SFG understands the science behind retail. As a result, they consistently provide solutions that deliver immersive customer experiences. Finally, this brand has served every niche with specialization in hardware stores, dollar stores, specialty, and convenience stores. 



If you are on the hunt for a supplier of retail display fixtures that offer immense creativity, this is it. Servrite can lay claim to a team of professionals with a drive to pushing the boundaries of retail display fixtures and shelving.

With Servrite, you can enjoy beautiful retail display pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. More importantly, these fixtures will be designed to take your brand image and voice into account. Next-level shelving options provided by Servrite include M-Line (Multi-Retail Shelving), G-Line, C-Line, and R-Line systems.

C-West Custom Fixtures Inc 


The website belonging to this reputable brand boldly proclaims that C-West Custom Fixtures Inc provides the best retail display solutions in Canada. With the level of technical excellence and functionality characterized in every retail display on offer, it’s hard to argue with their logic.

Their top-notch experience covers many aspects of retail display supply. They have something for design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, installation, and other logistics. Also, the excellence of this brand is highly recognized. In fact, C-West Custom Fixtures won The 2019 Global Shop Product Design Competition. With a service that integrates art and technology, you get all-around excellence from C-West.

McCowan Design & Manufacturing 


 When a brand has decades of experience, you can almost always guarantee the best products. However, this isn’t the only reason McCowan Design & Manufacturing is on this list. This trailblazer offers display fixtures and fittings that will give you an edge over the competition.

At McCowan Design & Manufacturing, you can enjoy unique modular systems, in-house designs, and new-age production. As a result, this top retail display supplier boasts products that stand the test of time without losing aesthetic appeal. McCowan D&M handles everything. From project management to design and layout, you are completely covered! Their extensive range of products include:

  • Service Counter Systems
  • Pharmacy 
  • Signage 
  • Shelving 
  • Secure displays etc. 

ISPA Store Fixtures 


This is a retail display supplier that boasts a clientele list that includes major retail entities across North America. In business since 1986, ISPA Store Fixtures has been able to diversify and refine its manufacturing process to stay ahead of the pack. 

For starters, the team at ISPA has access to an extensive network of contractors that can deliver vital resources speedily. Regardless of the type of materials you want as well as the project complexity, ISPA delivers. From custom retail display projects to large-scale solutions, ISPA is a great option for your retail business.



CBMS stands for Canada’s Best Merchandising Services. More importantly, the “best” in the name means all it stands for. For starters, CBMS is home to a team of dedicated installers and merchandisers committed to providing you with high standards. There are hundreds of completed projects under their belt. But, CBMS makes this list of the top 10 retail display suppliers in Canada based on their wealth of experience.

However, that’s not all. CBMS works closely with customers, defining project scope and a blueprint that works. Additionally, they offer project management expertise that coaxes the best feedback from customers and staff at your store. With CBMS, value maximization is almost always guaranteed.

JPMA Global Inc.  


JPMA Global is arguably the only North American supplier of retail display fixtures that produce both wood and metal fittings under the same roof. More importantly, JPMA Global can deliver custom pieces. A simple sitdown with any of the representatives of this trailblazer is the first step to getting top-notch retail display fittings. 

This company understands that the retail market is an ever-changing industry. To that end, they use the latest computer-aided design applications to produce 3D models and renderings that enhance the production process. Furthermore, their superior innovation prowess means that customers can enjoy unique, exclusive products!

Pan Oston Ltd. 


Pan-Oston is credited with the design and manufacturing of a wide range of custom retail display fixtures. One thing that stands out in their mode of operation is the versatility they offer. Regardless of the niche and industry, your retail store belongs in, Pan Oston has the resources and technical skills to provide functional retail display designs. 

Industries, where Pan Oston has left its mark, include pharmacy, general merchandise, electronic retail, convenience, and automotive businesses. With these top 10 retail suppliers, you get products that meet the highest level of requirements for function, design, budget, and space in Canada. Superior performance and functionality are key to Pan Oston’s way of doing business.

Blake Jarrett & Company Inc. 


 The team at Blake Jarrett & Company has a unique ability to work with agency partners. In addition, the wealth of experience at their disposal means that they can lead a collaborative process. They also conceive the finest retail display fixtures in Canada. More importantly, this brand is committed to supplying retail display fittings on time and on budget. There are few things more important to the owners or retail stores in Canada.

In Conclusion

This list of the top providers of the top 10 retail display fixtures in Canada is not arranged in any particular order. However, we can assure aesthetic retail display fixtures that will tick every box on your checklist. So, check them out today!

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