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Top 10 Sign Trade Shows in China: Events for Signage Industry

Signage trade shows and sign conferences are very popular in China. Lightboxes and other accessories are used as advertising and signage tools in today’s world. This means that there are different styles, designs, and tech that can be used for different signage needs. The top signage trade shows in China regularly showcase the best of these designs.

Why Are Trade Shows Still Popular?

The top signage shows in China give signage and light box suppliers and manufacturers a huge platform to showcase their work and connect with potential customers.

Additionally, these shows help with branding, promoting impulse sales, and attracting potential business partners. For companies in the signage business, it is a great channel to build connections.

For signage businesses, light box, and signage enthusiasts, it’s a great opportunity to see the best signage designs in China.

Signage trade shows are a great way to stay well-informed about the advances in the field of signage tech and keep up with the industry trend. Essentially, a signage trade show can be described as an event put together by reputable signage authorities. It is where signage companies can showcase their latest designs, products, and service. They are a helpful tool for marketing and networking in the signage business. Therefore, it is recommended that you attend one.  

To help you, we have done the homework to help you find the top 10 signage shows to check out in China. For companies in the signage business, you can use this opportunity to know the best shows to partner with. Keep reading to find out more about the top ten signage trade shows in China.

Signage Trade Shows in China: The Top 10

Here are the top signage trade shows in China that you should attend or check out.

Sign China's logo

Sign China


  • Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China
  • Next Time Event: 17th Sep 2020 – 19th Sep 2020

Sign China is one of the world’s most popular signage trade shows in China. In fact, it has a very impressive reach and influence that extends far beyond China. The trade show is intended for professional brands or businesses that can greatly utilize visual communications to the best of their advantage. 

Sign China presents an excellent information and communication platform.  It also affords its exhibitors the chance to present to the huge number of potential customers that are present. The event occurs every two years and more often than not, a large percentage of its visitors are professionals. Sign China signage trade has been held for almost two decades. Furthermore, it usually records thousands of visitors from various countries over the three days of its trade show.

Shanghai APPP EXPO logo

Shanghai APPP EXPO


  • Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai
  • Next Time Event: 21st July 2020 – 24th July 2020

This is a signage trade show that is worthy of its inclusion on our top 10 list. The Shanghai APPPEXPO trade show is a perfect combination of personalization and advertisement across technology platforms. 

Shanghai APPPEXPO is popular for its diversity of creative content in advertising and signage. This signage trade show is an annual event in China. Also, it typically sees about 2000 exhibitors with visitors in the several multiple thousands. Shanghai APPPEXPO runs for four days and is a worthy investment for signage companies and enthusiasts.

DPES Sign Expo logo

DPES Sign Expo


  • Location: Shenyang International Exhibition Center, Shenyang, China
  • Next Time Event: 12th Mar 2020 – 14th Mar 2020

Another trade show that deserves a spot on our list of top ten signage trade shows in China is the DPES Sign Expo. This trade show or exposition focuses on showcasing. But is not limited to digital printing pieces of equipment, digital engraving equipment, and digital printing consumables. 

DPes Sign Expos also has multiple sections for laser engraving equipment and related accessories including signage, board, lightboxes & display equipment. The trade show runs for three days and features thousands in attendance in China.

Infocom logo



  • Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China 
  • Next Time Event: 26th Mar 2020 –  28th Mar 2020

It is no news any longer that our world is being driven by technology. Well, China has a trade show for that too. Infocomm is a well-acclaimed trade show which exhibits various technologies with particular preference to entertainment, signage, and display tech. 

Digital Signage Expo logo

Digital Signage Expo


  • Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen
  • Next Time Event: 24th Feb 2021 – 27th Feb 2021

Digital Signage can be described as a one-stop platform. It is a platform where you can check out a variety of terminal screen display systems, LCD panels, LCD spliced screens, LED display, and glasses-free 3D displays, amongst many others. 

It also has a market for laser projectors, indoor and outdoor advertising displays, virtual dressing displays, touch screens, and multi-touch integrated machines. The multimedia display system, content creation services, and high-definition transmission processes on show at this expo are usually top-notch.

Logo of International Sign and LED Exhibition

International Sign and LED Exhibition


  • Location: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
  • Next Time Event: 24th Feb 2021 – 27th Feb 2021 

Also known as ISLE, this trade show is dedicated exclusively to digital signage. It features an impressive exhibition of illuminated graphics of various designs. It also has video displays in various forms. Moreover, the International Sign and LED Exhibition is a pacesetter in the provision of technological innovations in the world of digital signage for both retail, commercial, and advertising purposes.

Logo of Sign Asia Expo

Sign Asia Expo


  • Location: Thailand
  • Next Time Event: November 2020

Sometimes held in Thailand, this signage trade show has been in existence for over a decade and is still going strong. Sign Asia Expo is committed to creating opportunities and business connections in various fields using signage. They have an impressive collection of large format printers, laser engravers CNC machines, and 3D printers. With the trade show having attendance numbering in the thousands, Sign Asia Expo certainly deserves a spot on our list.

Logo of WAME (Wuhan Advertising Technology And Equipment Exhibition)

Wuhan Advertising Technology And Equipment Exhibition


  • Location: Wuhan International Expo Center, Wuhan, China 
  • Next Time Event: Fri, 13 Mar 2020 – Sun, 15 Mar 2020

This trade show involves a full array of various signage, including both digital and non-digital forms. Its top signage showcases typically include spray seal engraving equipment, digital graphic, and printing materials, sign materials, LED display screen and equipment, and also LED light source. The  Wuhan Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition also includes media advertising showcases and new equipment exhibitions by its 800 plus exhibitors to its about 7000 visitors.

Logo of LED China

LED China


  • Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China
  • Next Time Event: September 2020

And finally, on our list of the top ten signage trade shows in China, we have LED China. This trade show involves the exhibition and sale of a variety of digital signage including  LED display, LED illuminant, LED lighting, LED chips packaging, LED equipment. Also, laser engraving, acrylic panels, and miscellaneous light box models are part of the equipment that is usually on display at the trade show.

Beijing Sign Show


  • Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Centre
  • Next Time Event: 19th, Feb 2021 until 21st Feb 2021

The Beijing Sign Show is an international event that showcases the best innovations in terms of LED lighting, display tech, and signage applications. Started in 2012, the trade show is one that has increased in size and exhibition scale with every passing year. More signage innovations that you can expect to see at this trade fair show include UV spraying, LED display equipment, digital printing, and other exhibits in the advertising industry. The Beijing Sign Show caters to an audience numbering in the tens of thousands.

Final Take

We hope that our list of the top ten signage trade shows in China has been very useful to you. Each one of these shows is an excellent platform for you to showcase your signage designs and equipment to thousands of potential customers. Check them out today!

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