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Top 10 Signage Publications in the World: Some Blog and Online Magazines that Sign Pros Can Read

Knowing the top 10 signage publications in the world is an advantage. Why? You will have access to all of the knowledge you need about the signage industry! Today, digital signage and outdoor advertising are vital tools in the arsenal of every marketer. No matter the niche your company is in, digital signage will always give you the extra edge you need to reach your target audience.

Just like with other aspects of tech, the signage industry is never dormant. It is always evolving. There is always signage news and events to talk about. More importantly, different new signage ideas and innovations are being pioneered every day. The top 10 signage publications in the world give you easy access to keep tabs on news, events, and changes.

To help you, we have compiled a list of top 10 signage publications that you can read from anywhere in the world. Some of the publications on this list have print editions. Others run an online magazine that you can read from the comfort of your home. Keep reading to find out more about popular signage publications from the world.

The Signage Publications You Should Read

Below is our list of top ten signage publications in the world. This list covers publications that focus on different facets of the digital signage industry.

Sign & POP World

Sign & POP World has a print version that is released six times every year. This popular signage publication has been in existence for over two decades. Over that time, Sign & POP World has shown a unique dedication to disseminating information concerning advances in signage tech.

Focusing exclusively on happenings in Asia, Sign & POP’s exclusive coverage reports how new signage tech can serve as a marketing tool for different kinds of markets in Asia.

Its reputation as one of the top ten signage publications in the world is the fact that it provides comprehensive information about events, exhibitions, and industry news. If you need help with business decisions in the signage industry, Sign & POP World also has a dedicated directory.

Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage Today is a top publication with a reputation for excellence, the latest news coverage, and reporting on recent trends. A popular signage publication that has been in existence for thirteen years now, Digital Signage Today has a global audience that consists of professionals ranging from distributors, resellers, and content providers to hardware and software vendors. 

As one of the top ten signage publications in the world, Digital Signage Today consistently churns out top-notch content that will keep your fingers on the pulse of every major happening that has to do with signage. From how different markets are using signage effectively to live coverage on top trade show events, Digital Signage Today has got you covered.

Digital Signage Magazine Australia

Another excellent entry on our list of top ten signage publications in the world is the Digital Signage Magazine Australia. They are a publication that is trying to revitalize the way news carries in the signage industry. Digital Signage Magazine Australia offers both digital and physical print editions.

With Digital Signage Magazine Australia, you can expect the latest industry trends and news. Readers will also have access to detailed case studies about different applications of digital signage in the world and in-depth product reviews. Tutorials, interviews, and candid commentaries from industry leaders in the signage business round up the treasure trove of information that this publication offers.

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine is one of the most widely read publications in the world. This alone may be enough to warrant a position on the list of top 10 signage publications in the world. However, SDG Mag’s large audience is because it is a trusted source for accurate info and news for graphic signage businesses. 

Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine covers tech, latest products, market trends, and trends. Readers are welcome to enjoy the content that includes columns from respected heads in the industry. Finally, Sign and Digital Graphics magazine have hugely extensive coverage. The publication covers digital signage, channel letters, vehicle wraps, dimensional signage, and more.

Digital Signage Connection

Digital Signage Connection is an online community for enthusiasts, rookies, and industry veterans. This online signage magazine earns a position on the list of top 10 signage publications in the world due to its unique approach to coverage happenings and events in the industry. Digital Signage Connection allows its readers to feel like a part of a thriving community with interviews, contributing features from readers, webinars, and more.

Digital Signage Connection provides accurate news and information all year round. It also releases six newsletters every month. These newsletters are a source for info on the largest trade show events, conferences, and seminars.


A list of the top 10 signage publications in the world would not be complete without a mention of Sixteen-Nine. This signage magazine has been churning out first-class industry content for about fourteen years now. Managed by a company incorporated in Canada, Sixteen-Nine covers all types of outdoor news and signage happenings from every corner of the globe.

Recently, this online magazine has diversified its content to include candid pictures and videos from signage shows. Sixteen-Nine is not just about news. They also provide detailed analysis, expert insight and intelligence.

Daily Dooh

Looking for where to find the hottest news in the digital signage world? Try reading Daily Dooh. The signage industry is very expansive. However, Daily Dooh seems to have mastered the act of covering it accurately. Basically, Daily Dooh is one of the top 10 signage publications in the world because they don’t miss much.

Their news covers huge signage projects, big signage installations, surprising career changes, and more. Daily Dooh is an informative publication with enjoyable articles and columns. Its content includes funny images, bits of humour, and an originality that is rare.

Billboard Insider

Billboard Insider is one of the top ten signage publications in the world because they provide detailed analysis of different visual outdoor advertising subjects. More importantly, they encourage their readers to participate and be a part of their journey. Billboard Insider encourages readers to write in guest columns, provide feedback where possible. More importantly, if you have a signage topic you want to be covered, you can email in suggestions. It’s the perfect publication for people looking to learn more about signage in an encouraging community.


Exchange4media publishes relevant, quality releases for marketing and advertising professionals. Although Exchange4media does not exclusively focus on digital signage, their attention to detailed analysis warrants them a position on this list. Readers can expect to enjoy new original content on different applications of digital signage, visual outdoor advertising, and more.

Marketing Interactive 

Marketing Media’s place on this list of top 10 signage publications is because of its prominence in Asia. In addition to exclusive signage content, Marketing Interactive also releases content that covers advertising, marketing, and media intelligence. Basically, it’s a hub of the biggest digital signage stories and exploits.

Final thoughts

Consistently reading the top 10 signage publications in the world will provide you with important knowledge. Whether you are a marketer, an enthusiast, or a business owner in the digital signage industry, this is information that you can harness positively. Check out our top recommendations today!

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