LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

  • Easy to Install
  • Light to Move
  • CSA/UL Approved 
  • Simple to Change the Screen
  • Custom Sizes and Colors

 Made in Canada 

We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada     

We make fabric light boxes in all sizes, different types, and colors. Provide us the products’ details that you want and get a custom quote within one business day.

Single Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

We manufacture different types and sizes of edge-lit and backlit LED frameless fabric light boxes specifically for sale in the USA and Canada. The frame of this light box is made of a high-quality aluminum profile. It’s called the “Frameless” light box because only ⅛” of the profile is visible in front. Contact us to know more about our frameless LED light boxes.

1” Ultra Thin Profile

Our ultra thin, edge-lit fabric light box is an ideal solution for elegant and extremely bright signs and displays.

2” Profile (Back-lit)

Our slim backlit fabric light box with only 2” depth, is an ideal solution for elegant and extremely bright signs and displays.

3” Thin Profile (Edge-lit)

Our 3” backlit fabric light box is the best choice to tell your brand’s story with light.

Double Sided Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

Standing Double Sided Fabric

Our standing double sided fabric light box is strikingly attractive and is sure to capture and retain your customer’s attention.

Slim Double Sided Fabric

Slim double sided fabric light box, with only 2.75” thick extrusion. This is an ideal solution for elegant and extremely bright signs and displays.


Edge-lit Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

This is the most common type of frameless fabric LED light box. The LED light sources are placed on the frame (usually on the 2 long sides). We manufacture single sided, edge-lit. It is made with a very thin profile, which is only 1”, and double sided, edge-lit, free-standing and slim 2.75” profiles. These are special and very powerful LED lights that can light up considerably big displays.

Several rows of light can be installed next to each other for very large displays. The LED light sources from this fabric LED lightbox are covered with special lenses that distribute the light evenly. Meanwhile, the fabric on the front and back of the display helps reflect and distribute the light. This creates an evenly distributed pattern of illumination.

Our free-standing double sided fabric light boxes are edge-lit. We ship them unassembled for easy and economical shipping. Assembly and installation are easy and fast. Also, we can manufacture this type in very large sizes for retail stores and trade shows.

Additionally, we use a 2.75” extrusion for our slim hanging double sided fabric light boxes. Then it is shipped assembled, and very easy to install.

Back-lit Frameless Fabric LED Light Box

The light source of the Backlit Frameless Fabric LED Light Box is an array of many smaller LEDs. They are placed on the backplate of the light box. This type of light box ensures the brightness of the display, no matter the size.

We manufacture the back-lit light boxes with 2” and 3” profiles. They are assembled, shipped, and easily installed. With these two profiles, we can have an internal power supply, which is dimmable.

We can also make them with a low voltage dimmer, placed inside the light box.

Besides all these, with images provided by customers, we take care of backlit fabric printing with sewn silicone edges for frameless displays. Building a custom-printed LED light box is our specialty!

Frameless fabric LED lightbox manufacturer and wholesale supplier

No custom duties for shipping to the USA

  • LED frameless fabric light boxes are widely used in retail stores, museums, airports, hospitals, meeting rooms, and the likes.
  • Combining the latest developments in LED technology with superior expertise and creativity, we make larger and brighter lightboxes with vibrant colors printed on the fabric.
  • The backlit light boxes with very bright LEDs provide more than accent lighting to any environment. It also takes the mood to a different level altogether. Compared to the more traditional light boxes such as snap frames or SEG frames, LED fabric light boxes have many advantages.

Custom Sizes Available


Whereas most regular LED light boxes come in sizes up to 48” X 96”, both single sided and double sided frameless fabric light boxes can be made in large sizes. Prime Light Boxes can also customize your light box in any dimension or size according to your requirement.

For easy and cost-effective shipping, we manufacture the large LEDs in sections that can easily be assembled at the job-site. Using quick connectors the electrical assembly only takes a few minutes and can be done without wasting much time.

Bright & Versatile & Remote Controlled

Our frameless LED fabric light boxes, backlit or edge-lit, are super bright and add to the beauty of your environment. In particular, our single Sided Fabric Light Boxes that are backlit, provide more than 3500 Lumen and is 5 times more powerful than a regular CFL bulb.

In addition, we offer the option of installing a low voltage dimmer inside the light box. This gives customers a chance to utilize the versatility of the LED by adjusting brightness according to their requirements. The dimmer can be conveniently controlled using a remote and it enables lightbox operation from a distance. Since only a power cord coming out of the light box is visible, it cleaner to look at.

Lightweight & Easy to Setup

LED frameless fabric light boxes are lightweight. They are particularly easy to set up even without any technical expertise. The lighter weight helps keep the shipping costs down. It also contributes to the money that you save as a customer. This helps us ship the product without breaking it down much.

With that, it makes the installation process be possible in 3-4 simple steps. Even the very large ones being made in many sections are easy to handle and install when compared to other complicated lighting systems. Our customer support team is available 7 days a week to help you, please contact us if you have questions.

Custom Colors

LED frameless fabric light boxes come with different frame colors:

  • Single sided ultra thin 1.5” profile frameless fabric LED light boxes: silver.
  • The single sided 2” profile frameless fabric LED light boxes: silver, black, and white.
  • Our single sided 3” profile frameless fabric LED light boxes: silver and white.

Free standing double sided profile fabric LED light boxes: silver. Slim double-sided frameless fabric LED light boxes: silver. However, Prime Light Boxes can also customize your light box in any colors according to your requirements.

With the powder coating method of painting, we provide a wide range of colors of the light boxes, making your places and products more vivid and lively.

 Elegant Look

We manufacture these light boxes in different sizes of profiles and can do so for you according to your specific requirement. Regardless of the depth, the frames are invisible and the lightbox provides a seamless display of your printed image. This experience itself is powerful to drive a customer to your business/service and this is exactly why they are called frameless fabric light boxes. The overall look is very modern and sleek accentuating the display and colors on any printed fabric.
  • Cost Effective Light Boxes Made in Canada

Overall cost of a frameless fabric light box including the printed fabric is generally lower than other types of light boxes. Large and custom sizes are more cost-effective and attract more customers than a smaller one. Our team of experts can analyze your business or personal requirements to come up with an exclusive quote.
Please contact us and share your details to receive the quote.

More and more customers, commercial and residential, are using LED frameless fabric light boxes and its usage has tripled. Using this type of a lightbox gives our customers more options while offering them better looks with cheaper product, shipping and installation costs.

Why clients in Canada and the US order edge-lit and backlit frameless light boxes from us?

In the last few years, hundreds of companies have started to sell different types of LED light boxes in Canada and the USA. When looking for an LED Light Box for Sale, there are many things to consider.

At Prime Light Boxes, we make sure all the products we make meet your expectations and the industry standards. We manufacture all of our products from beginning to end at our plant in Toronto, Canada. Our advantages are high quality raw materials, state of the art machinery, vigorous quality control, short lead time, reasonable prices, and effective post-sales service.


CSA/UL Certificate

Whether you are purchasing a large LED panel, or an LED frameless fabric light box, the first thing you should look for is a label on the face or on the back that has a CSA or UL mark with a number below it. This label shows that the light box meets North American standards and the manufacturer is regularly monitored.

Post-sales Service

There are many companies that claim they can ship an LED panel for Sale in North America. Most of these companies are located overseas and besides the very long lead time most often these companies take no responsibility for any issue after they ship the product. We are always available through email or phone call to address any problem and answer any question about the product or its installation.

Overall Appearance and Quality

Whether you are a reseller or an end-user of an LED Light Box or Light Panel, you need to make sure that the product is made of quality material and has no visible scratch or defect. Our quality assurance process is designed to make sure that any product that goes out meets the highest quality standards both in terms of safety and aesthetics.

Power Supply

In addition to the LED light box for sale in the North American market, the power supply that comes with it also should have a UL, CSA, or ETL mark, with the associated number. All the products we manufacture, including any LED Light Panel, is shipped only with high quality power supply products with UL/CSA labels.

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