Non-lit SEG Frames

  • Creates modern and beautiful displays
  • Available as Single Sided or Double Sided
  • Cost effective
  • Available at virtually unlimited lengths and widths
  • Light weight Free standing or wall mounted
  • Easy to change fabric poster

Available Types:

Single Sided

  • Ultra Thin 1.5” Profile
  • 2” Profile
  • 3” Profile

Double Sided

  • Free Standing with 4” Profile
  • Slim Hanging with 2.75” Profile

Types of SEG Frames

All the Fabric Light Boxes that we manufacture are available in non-lit frames.

1. Single Sided, Wall Mount Frames

Our 1.5” profile is slim, and can be easily installed. The 2” and 3” profiles are perfect options for larger units. With an Alupanel back plate, the unit can be screwed to the wall. For all options, the printed fabric is easily installed on the frame, and can be replaced in a few minutes.

2. Double Sided, Free Standing and Hanging Frames

Our Free Standing SEG Frames are shipped unassembled, and can be put together in a few minutes. The frames are made with a 4” extrusion, and the supporting legs give the stability that is needed for the frames in public places with human traffics around them. Our easy to use hanging hardware allows the customer to have beautiful window displays, with fabric prints with vibrant colors.