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WRITE FOR US: Accepting interior design, retail design, AD billboard & signage topics

Hey everyone, PrimeLightBoxes.com is now open for guest posts!

To save you time, please read the instructions and requirements below before submitting a guest post pitch. 

*We receive a lot of requests each day, so be sure to follow all the instructions and requirements above for your guest post pitches and article writing samples to be considered.

Why write interior design, retail design & signage topics for us?

Are you building backlinks for your SEO?

Want to publish your articles on print advertisement (including signage, advertisement billboards, lightbox posters)? Take a look at PrimeLightBoxes.com’s blog section!

  • We offer FREE guest posting opportunities;
  • The article will remain on our site infinitely;
  • We can give do-follow backlinks (max. 2) for FREE
  • Our DA is currently 20! Your guest post would not only get you high-quality backlinks but also much easier to rank well on Google
  • Highly concentrated target audiences: Our website visitors have a big number of signage professionals, event marketing agencies, print advertising professionals.
write signage guest posts for us
write for us: LED lights, Ad poster printing and billboard Ad topics


The topics should be in the niche of commercial interior design (including retail design and fixture design) and print advertisement (including signage, advertisement billboards, lightbox posters).

Our main target audience are interior designer and signage companies, so your guest posts topics also should be industry-facing.

Examples of “commercial interior design” topics:

Target audience: interior designer

  • Commercial interior design best practices (this topic is still available)
  • Commercial interior design project management (this topic is still available)
  • Are commercial interior design certificates

Examples of “retail design” topics:

Target audience: retail designer

  • Top retail design trends in 2020 (this topic is still available)
  • Lead generation: how to get more retail design clients?

Examples of “LED lightbox” topics:

  • Top 10 LED lightbox manufacturers in USA (this topic is still available)
  • How to use LED lightboxes for outdoor advertising? (this topic is still available)

Examples of “signage” topics:

  • Lead generation for sign companies: How to find more signage clients?  (this topic is still available)
  • Top 10 signage trade shows for signage companies (this topic is still available)

Examples of “Ad poster printing” topics:

  • 10 large format and poster printing options in in xxx city (this topic is still available)
  •  Ad poster printing costs in xxx city (this topic is still available)

Examples of “billboard advertising” topics:

  • Top 10 billboard advertising companies in xxx city (this topic is still available)
  • Billboard advertising costs  in xxx city (this topic is still available)
  • Is billboard advertising still worth it? (this topic is still available)

Please be sure to pitch a topic or send an article that’s not yet written on our site and on other sites. We want an exclusive article writing sample submission ONLY to PrimeLightBoxes.com.

Guest post NO.1 requirement: Epic Post (1200+ words/post)

Currently, we’re laser focusing on evergreen content, which means we’re ONLY looking for “Epic Posts“.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • We want to provide valuable insights for ad poster printing professionals to benefit the whole industry, not just to promote your business.
  • Minimal word count: 1200 or more words/article. 
  • Type of Content: In-depth articles, evergreen “Epic Posts”, which means no news piece, please;
  • Target audience: Our readers are signage professionals, event marketing agencies, print advertising insiders .
  • Purpose of the Content: To educate signage professionals and provide in-depth answers, best practices, market trend, etc.
  • Original and Exclusive: Article has not been published on other websites

* By submitting your guest post inquiry, you’re agreeing to our requirements above, our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to ask for revisions and make changes on the submitted content (including the title and content) as and when needed.

How to submit your guest post pitch?

Only applicants who use this contact form will be considered.

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