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Prime Light Boxes triumph over competition due to the unmatched quality we offer.  All our LED Panels for sale are CSA/UL (CA, USA) certified, built in our Toronto warehouse, Ontario, Canada, and equipped with state of the art LED Panel manufacturing technology.

Our master technicians have over two decades of experience in the industry and constantly strives to ensure that you get the best product.

LED Acrylic Panel

Thin, elegant light guided panel

LED Backlit Panel

Super bright LED panels in custom sizes

LED Acrylic Panel

Acrylic LED light panel also known as LGP (Light Guided Panel) is made of an acrylic sheet that is laser engraved. The light emitted from the LEDs on the edges is reflected by the engraved pattern. This reflection lights up the entire frame to create an elegant LED based light panel. In regular sized panels, the LEDs are placed on the two large sides of the panel. These two light panels are sufficient to light up the entire panel. However, for larger panels, we install LEDs on all four sides to create a bright and evenly lit panel. With the acrylic LED panel, any size/shape can be made according to your requirement.

The advantage of an Acrylic LED Panel over the Backlit LED Panel is that it is considerably thin and the image or the material that is backlit can be placed above it. This feature helps us utilize an acrylic LED panel in certain specific applications that require a thinner lighting system. Another key advantage is that it can be made with color changing (RGB) LEDs to create fascinating light color changes.

LED Backlit Panel

LED Backlit Panels on the other hand create a thin, bright, and even light source for many applications. LED lights are mounted on the entire sheet, which acts as a heat sink and keeps the LEDs cool, hence prolonging the life of the LED modules. The LED Backlit Panel illuminates your artwork, onyx stone, or other materials, placed in front of or above the panel.

The advantage of a backlit LED panel is that it can be made in any size. While acrylic LED panels can be used to make thin frames, backlit LED panels are used in deep framing.

Another advantage of a backlit LED panel is that it’s generally cheaper than an Acrylic LED light panel.


Comparison between Acrylic Panels and Backlit Panels

You might be wondering what the differences between an acrylic and a backlit LED panel are. Well, the differences range from application to construction and installation. 

See the following table for more details.

LED Panel Type Acrylic LED (Edge-lit) Backlit LED
Minimum Size 4” X 12” 12” X 12”
Maximum Size 48” X 96” NO LIMIT
Thickness 3/8” 1/4”
Color Temperature 4100K to 6500K
Dimmable Yes Yes
Light Evenness 80% or more 100%
Gap Between the Light Panel No 1.5 inches or more

If you are interested to know more about the differences, please read our blog article LED Light Panel For Sale or Contact Us.

No Import Duties for Buyers in the USA

 LED Acrylic Panel & Backlit Panel Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier

Why buy wholesale LED light panels from us?

  • All our LED Lights are made to best meet the needs of our customers. Any LED Panel for sale at Prime Light Boxes can be customized to add a dimmer. This device can add a great value to the appearance of your panel. In the Acrylic LED Panel, we place the dimmer outside the frame as the already thin box does not have space to house it. In the Backlit LED Panel, on the other hand, we place it inside the frame. It enables you to reduce or increase the brightness of your light box at will. This function makes your energy expenditure absolutely efficient and lets you control the lightbox from a distance.

Custom Sizes

LED panels’ sizes by design are flexible in nature.

Whether you are ordering LED light panels to illuminate onyx stones or light up your wine cabinet, we can make them in all custom sizes according to your needs.

Bright & Versatile

LED panels, both acrylic and back-lit, offer a powerful light output and highlight your message with supreme brightness.

To make our products even more attractive, we can even pair our LED light panels with dimmable remote controls.



Unlike conventional lighting sources, LED lights last longer and offer better brightness throughout. They approximately last  50 times longer than an incandescent light.

  • Eco-Friendly:

Longer life and less power consumption together contribute to reduced waste creation and efficient energy usage.

  • Lower Energy Consumption

LED lights by design consume less electricity and dissipate considerably less heat. Both of these factors help reduce your electricity bill.

Why clients in Canada and the U.S. order LED light panels from us?

In the last few years, hundreds of companies have started to sell different types of LED light panels in Canada and the USA. When looking for LED light panels for sale, there are a number of things to consider.

At Prime Light Boxes, we make sure all the products we make meet your expectations and the industry standards. We manufacture all of our products from beginning to end at our plant in Toronto, Canada. Our advantages are high-quality raw materials, state of the art machinery, vigorous quality control, short lead time, reasonable prices, and effective after-sales service.


CSA/UL Certificate

Whether you are purchasing a large LED panel or an LED frameless fabric light box, the first thing you should look for is a label on the face or on the back that has a CSA or UL mark with a number below it.


This label shows that the light box meets North American standards and the manufacturer is regularly monitored.

Post-sales Service

Many companies claim that they can ship an LED panel for Sale in North America. Most of these companies are located overseas, and in addition to the very long lead time, these companies often take no responsibility for any issue after they ship the product. We are always available through email or phone call to address any problem and answer any question about the product or its installation.

Overall Appearance and Quality

Whether you are a reseller or an end-user of an LED Light Box or Light Panel, you need to make sure that the product is made of quality material and has no visible scratch or defect. Our quality assurance process is designed to make sure that any product that goes out meets the highest quality standards both in terms of safety and aesthetics.

Power Supplies

In addition to the LED light box for sale in the North American market, the power supply that comes with it also should have a UL, CSA, or ETL mark, with the associated number.


All the products we manufacture, including any LED Light Panel, is shipped only with high quality power supply products with UL/CSA label.

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