Snap Frames and Non-Snap Frames – 5 Key Differences

Planning to buy a lightbox but confused about frame types? We are here for the rescue, here’s all you need to know about what separates a snap frame and a non-snap frame. 

*We call non-snap frames as wood frames for the ease of understanding, please note that this could include any non-snap frame product. 

The Differences 

  1. Snap Frames snap open and make it easier to change posters or artwork in a Snap Frame Lightbox. On a non-snap wood frame lightbox, changing artwork would involve unscrewing and screwing. This could damage the frame if done multiple times. 
  2. The power supply box is placed outside in a snap frame and this could ruin the decor of your setting if you don’t enclose it in a case or place it strategically. This is because there is less space between the frame and artwork to house the box. In a non-snap wood frame lightbox, this box is placed inside making your life easier. 
  3. A Snap Frame lightbox is thinner from the sides and this reduction in width makes it look more compact. There is an increase of about 1 in-depth in a non-snap wood frame lightbox.
  4. Due to the snapping flap width, a snap frame would have a slightly lesser viewing area for your artwork. The difference is only about 0.25 inches. It does not make a significant difference as the artwork is printed keeping that in mind. 
  5. Last but certainly not least, the final cost of a Snap Frame lightbox is more than that of a non-snap wood frame. This is due to the fact that the moving parts require more time and labor to make. There are also added quality checks to ensure that the snaps are durable and are closing perfectly without leaving gaps in the display. Please contact us to know the exact cost based on your requirements. 


Choose a Snap Frame Lightbox if:

  1. Your lightbox requirement demands to change the artwork frequently. For example, if you have a restaurant or coffee shop and the menu changes every day or multiple times during the day. 
  2. You like waking up to different scenes on the lightbox. For example, if you are using this lightbox as a fake window and would like to change the display based on seasons, snow for winter, beaches for summer etc. 

Choose a non-Snap Frame Lightbox if:

  1. The lightbox is supposed to stay as it is and you do not change the artwork.
  2. Do not buy power supply box covers to hide the components outside.

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