Slim Fabric Light Box, Backlit, 2” Profile

Our Slim Backlit Fabric Light Box, with only 2” depth, is an ideal solution for elegant and extremely bright signs and displays. It’s easy to install the light box on the wall, or hang it from ceiling, and it’s easy to change the fabric print.

We manufacture this product in all custom sizes, and can have your image printed on fabric, and ship you as a complete package, ready to install. It’s maintenance free for many years. With vibrant colors on the fabric and the backlit LED, it captures viewers’ attention, and brings the image to a whole new level.

Although the frame of this light box is made of a high quality aluminum profile, it’s called Frameless Fabric Light Box, since only ⅛” of the profile is visible in front. The LEDs are installed across the entire area on a metal panel, which keeps the LEDs cool and prolongs the life of them.Our Slim Fabric Light Boxes come with plug-in or hard wire transformers, and hanging hardware, if needed.

We use quality parts in the manufacturing process. The corner brackets, the LEDs, all the wiring, and the aluminum extrusion, are all made to last. Our production team follows strict quality assurance guidelines to ensure flawless products are made and shipped.

In the today’s retail environment, more slick and modern looking displays are preferred. Contrary to the bulky and deep light boxes that were used in the past, and they were mostly snap frames, or light boxes with florescent lamps, with new developments in LED technology, shallower and brighter light boxes are made. We have designed a 2” aluminum extrusion, and use it in the manufacturing of our Slim Fabric Light Box, which has backlit LED installed in the entire back plate. As a result, our product is very bright, with even light all over the visible area, and is very light weight. Meeting the UL and CSA standards, our Slim Fabric Light Boxes are for sale in USA, and in Canada.

Mounting Options

Wall Mount, Hanging, “Z” Clips

Frame Colors

Silver, Black, White, Custom

Color Temperatures




Power Supply Options

Plug-in, Hard Wire


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