article explaining the differences between a snap frame lightbox and a wood frame lightbox

Comparison: SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs. Snap Frame

The SEG Fabric vs Snap Frame argument is one that is hugely contested by many advertising and signage experts. With the advent of the use of light boxes in the US and Canada, the argument is one that is prevalent. Take a look at the differences between the two and the light box solutions you need.

Light boxes posters are recognized as the most effective advertising medium available for outdoor purposes. A true advertising marvel, light boxes incorporate elements of LED lighting, color, illumination, and design to create the most effective advertising boxes. Apart from the fact that they are beautiful, light boxes are also hugely effective. Their unique combination of color and illumination can catch the attention of the target audience more than a non-illuminated poster ever could. Two of the most popular LED backlit light boxes kinds are framelss SEG fabric and snap frame posters

Marketing in today’s world can be very competitive. Even if you are using light boxes to advertise, different types may be best for different scenarios. This is why the SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs Snap Frame argument is hugely dominant. Most people want to know what the best light box is between the SEG Fabric and Snap Frame light boxes.

Light Box Solutions by Prime Light Boxes 

Here at Prime Light Boxes, we have years of experience manufacturing and selling different types of light boxes. Therefore, we are well familiar with both sides of the “SEG Fabric vs Snap Frame light boxes” argument. More importantly, we have expert knowledge that can help you make the decision on the best type of light box to use for your signage and advertising needs.

In this article, we will take a close look at both SEG Fabric light boxes and the Snap Frame variants. We will also discuss the merits and features of each light box design to help you choose the best one for your advertising needs.

SEG Fabric Light Boxes: All You Need To Know

The SEG being discussed in the SEG Fabric vs Snap Frame light boxes discourse is an acronym of Silicone Edge Graphics. This kind of light box has its design printed on special tension fabric using an innovative dye-sublimation process. Typically, the fabric graphic usually has a thin silicone strip around the edges to tug into the poster frame.

LED lit SEG Fabric lightbox
What the insideo of a LED lit SEG Fabric lightbox looks like

LED backlit SEG Fabric light boxes are created via a painstakingly precise process. The silicon finished edges described above are fitted into a groove surrounding the perimeter of the framing system. The result of this is a “frameless” appearance that looks upscale and is perfect for most fashion brands advertising and signage needs.

Below are some of the top features of these light boxes:

Fashionable and upscale appearance 

The stylish appearance of your branded image is a factor that will determine the impression that your light box advert will leave with customers. SEG Fabric light boxes usually have a “framless” look that is very beautiful and effective. The use cases are:

  • In retail settings: Back-lit signage is the best way to display large, eye-catching artwork in a retail environment
  • Exhibitions and trade shows: The whole point of attending exhibitions and trade shows is to get more brand exposure. LED Light Boxes can add a very vivid dimension to your booth or display.
  • Lobbies and reception ares of buildings and offices: Served as illuminated wall displays, framelss fabric posters can lift up the whole theme.
  • Homes: Got a fancy house? Fabric lightbox posters can surely make artwork on your wall standout.
  • Etc…

Easy to switch out graphics

This is one area where SEG Fabric light boxes have the edge in the argument vs snap frame light boxes. Changing the graphic is a quick process that can be done with minimal effort and technical experience. 

The perimeter of the graphic usually has a special silicone gasket that is fitted into a groove around the frame. Swapping out the graphics is a simple process that entails removing it from the groove and re-installing the new one.

Economical for larger sizes

The fabrics used for SEG Fabric light boxes are durable and light weight. This means that it is far less cumbersome to manage compared to other media. As a result, SEG fabric is highly recommended for larger signage needs.

Customizable framing system

This another feature where SEG holds a slight edge in the SEG Fabric light boxes vs Snap Frame argument. The fabric framing system used for SEG light boxes can be customized to meet your preferences. 

They can be built as single or double-sided frames, wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, or LED Backlit. It is also possible to install SEG Fabric light boxes with free-standing applications.

Snap Frame System: All You Need To Know 

Snap Frame light boxes are usually made with a heavy aluminum frame. This frame is very sturdy and very durable. Therefore, you can be sure of the durability of these light boxes. Snap Frame light boxes are built to last. 

3 LED lit snap frame light boxes as ad posters hanging on the wall.

Snap Frame light boxes derive their name from the heavy-duty snap frame. The aluminium frame opens up to aid you in removing and replacing graphics. However, they tend to be a tad more technical when compared to SEG Fabric light frames. Care has to be taken to make sure that you don’t damage the new graphic while trying to fit it perfectly in place.

Benefits of LED-backlit snap frame light boxes

Sames with fabric lightboxes, snap frame ones also have the same advantages:

  • Custom made framing system
  • Easy to switch the posters/graphics
  • Illuminating (LED lit)

Unique advantage: ultra-thin design

LED panels for light boxes have seen serious advancements over the past few years. This has resulted in thinner light box designs. Snap Frame designs for one can come in ultra-thin structures that look very sleek and attractive. 

This can be a plus for advertising. Most of the time, we want light boxes that will not look ugly and intrusive. If you are in need of a slimmer design in the SEG Fabric light boxes vs Snap Frame argument, go for Snap Frame designs. They are far less bulky and will practically lie flat on the mounting structure.

Summary: SEG Fabric Light Boxes vs Snap Frame

When it comes to choosing between SEG light boxes and Snap Frame designs, there are no clear winners. Both options are very effective light box systems for advertising, commercial and personal needs.

With SEG Fabric light boxes, you will enjoy a unique durable LED tech that will illuminate your graphics and signs brilliantly. Therefore, you can be sure that light will be evenly spread across the surface to make your designs more visible. Additionally, they are a great option if you are going to be swapping out signage frequently.

On the other hand, Snap Frame light boxes are hugely versatile. They come in flat designs that are unobtrusive and perfect for most advertising needs. Whether you choose to buy a Snap Frame light box or an SEG Fabric design, it is important that you buy one from a light box company with a reputation for excellence. 

Prime Light Boxes are the premium makers of light boxes for clients in the US and Canada. Discuss your light box needs with us and we’ll give you our Light Box Solutions. Alternatively, you can go through our online store to pick from any of our SEG Fabric and Snap Frame light boxes.

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