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Pro’s and Con’s of LED Lightbox Posters: Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

As you might already have guessed, this visibility is one of the key advantages of using a lightbox over any non-lit form of media. Here are some other key advantages of using a light box poster. 

Lightbox posters are getting popular

Backlit LED Panel

LED lightbox posters are trending in recent years, just as its underlying technology–light-emitting diode (LED) lights. The massive and rapid adoption of LED bulbs around the globe has pushed manufacturers to produce them with lower costs. Even Goldman Sachs stated in an old report.“The rapid adoption of LEDs in lighting marks one of the fastest technology shifts in human history,”

As to LED technology’s declining cost, LED-lit posters and lightboxes have taken off in recent years. 

Advantages of a lightbox poster

A light box offers so many advantages over conventional non-lit advertising formats. As you might already know, a light box is a translucent surface that is illuminated from the edges or back based on your specific requirements. Even though light boxes have been in existence for over a century, it is now that they find the best application in making businesses stand out from the crowd.

In today’s marketing scenario where customers are bombarded with content from multiple sources, your success as a marketer depends on capturing the customer’s attention. This fact remains true for any industry that you are in, be it food, apparel, retail, or even industrial applications. At Prime Light Boxes, we believe in creating light boxes, snap frames and LED lights that blend with your goal as a marketer and work seamlessly. This is to help you achieve that marketing goal.

Adding 40% more attention to your posters

There are several American studies done on the effect of backlighting. While these surveys cover signage, billboards, and wall advertising but backlit solutions are also a perfect pick for exhibition stands. Previous studies have demonstrated that internally illuminated signs offer visibility for a significantly longer distance and times than externally illuminated signs. And the easier it is for attendees to understand your message, the more likely they are to be curious about your exhibition stand and approach it as necessary.

Led Frameless Fabric Light Box
The frame can be reused as long as you replace the SEG fabric prints


Snap Frame Light Boxes and Frameless Light Boxes are designed in such a way that the screens can be replaced with ease. This allows you as a marketer to change your product, marketing idea, or creativity whenever you like without anyone else’s help. So run your Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Christmas to Year End Sale, all with just one Light Box. At Prime Light Boxes, we believe in making LED light boxes, Frames, or basically any product for life. We are CSA (Canada and U.S.) certified and offer an industry-best 3-year warranty for all Light Boxes and a 1-year warranty for all power supply products.


All our LED light boxes are made to be used in outdoor settings year-round and been tested in the harshest of weather conditions in Canada. These LED light boxes retain the same brightness for years and the only maintenance and tool you will ever need is a cloth and someone to wipe it clean.


Most light boxes that you must have seen outside in malls or shops are of pretty much the same size and shape. Do not let that sight affect your creativity as a marketer, we can custom make all our LED light boxes, Fabric light boxes, Snap Frames, Frameless Light Boxes, SEG Frames, and Acrylic Panels in any size or shape that you want. In this way, you can tell your brand’s story in the most creative manner possible. We make it happen with a team of in-house engineers who are trained and certified in all things lightbox.


Did you know that LED lightboxes use significantly less power than conventional fluorescent lighting options? This enhances your ethical points as a responsible part of our environment and reduces your monthly electricity bill.  It also enables you to let the lights run for longer durations without worrying about either of the above-mentioned issues.

It all sounds wonderful, but are there any disadvantages of backlighting?

Are there any disadvantages of backlighting?

Short answer, YES, mainly with the cost. 

Cost of the product

Despite the sharp fall in prices of light boxes, LED lightbox posters and stands are almost always more expensive than traditional non-lit posters and billboards. After all, there are wires, LED light panels, LED light strips, etc inside the lightbox. 

Cost of installation

Also, LED lightbox posters and stands usually require more electrical expertise to install than traditional non-lit posters and billboards. It needs either a power plugin nearby or a long power cord to connect.

One of the most common use cases is in exhibitions and trade shows. For those who build their exhibition stand themselves, wiring all the lightboxes could be complicated.

Cost of maintenance

The maintenance of an LED lightbox poster is obviously different from traditional non-lit posters and billboards. 

  • Ideally, LED parts should be stored in a dry environment. Should always be below 85% humidity to be more precise (unless it’s specifically designed to be waterproof.); 
  • Also, the storage temperature should be between -40℃ and 100℃. 
  • Besides that, the LED lightbox needs cleaning. Of course, the outside layer(namely the cover and frame) is much easier to clean. But you need to be extremely careful when cleaning inside at a rare event. In that case, you can not use unknown chemical liquid to clean LED. Why? Because that may damage the surface of the LED resin, even cause colloid cracks.
  • Of course, it runs on electricity.

Final thought: Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of LED Lightbox Poster?

led light box men and women

Given the stylish outlook of frameless LED lightbox and the convenience of snap frame lightbox (commonly used as movie posters). It’s no wonder that LED lightbox posters are ubiquitous. The cost seems to be a very small price to pay compared to the benefits.   

Now that you know of all the benefits and advantages that a lightbox poster can offer your business, think about how you want it made. For any help on how to make your first custom light box feel free to contact us and get the product delivered anywhere in the United States or Canada.

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