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Backlit Lightbox Posters as Office Reception Decoration

  • Completely custom make
  • Made in Canada, no import duty
  • Short lead time

Office decorative & office reception LED backlit posters manufacturer and wholesale supplier


Our backlit billboard light box frame are all CSA/UL approved and comes with a warranty

Office lightings and decoration are proven to effect workers’ productivity. LED backlit posters take it to the next level.  

All of our backlit billboard frames are designed from scratch at our warehouse located in the North of Toronto, Canada. 

Additionally, All the components including the frame, electricals, design and creative are all made to catch the attention of your shoppers. The product is available in two variants on the basis of the type of frame – 

  • Snap frame backlit billboard
  • Frameless fabric backlit billboard

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Features of our large backlit billboard poster frames:

Superbright Light

The LED Panel we utilize for lighting the lightbox is assembled in our Toronto shop. This is done to guarantee that our customers get absolute quality and output when it comes to the lightbox performance.

Completely custom made

We can produce all our products to the dimensions and specifications required by your project. Our technicians can help you come up with the design that is right for you. Our products carry CSA certification, which complies with relevant UL requirements.

Energy Efficient

All our lightboxes use LED Panels for lighting and therefore consume less energy than normal sources. LED lights by design consume less electricity and dissipate considerably less heat. Both of these factors help reduce your electricity bill.

Short lead time, we ship in 7 business day

We maintain a large inventory of all our LED light boxes, snap boxes and fabric light boxes we sell to ensure that your order is processed as early as possible. You can expect to receive your products within a week after placing the order.

Mounting options for our backlit office reception posters

Wall mounted

Floor stands

Hanging from the ceiling

Why order office reception poster lightbox from us?

The Prime Light Boxes Movie Poster Lightbox is easy to set up, cost-effective, easily modifiable and leaves no lasting impact on your wall. 99% of similar products in the market currently fail to achieve two or more of the above-mentioned features.

The product comes in custom sizes and is suitable for all common mini-theatre settings. We also have the option to create the lightboxes in custom sizes as per your requirement.


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