Illuminated Movie Poster Light Box

  • Best for home/business decor
  • CSA/ UL Approved
  • Available in two frame types
  • Multiple frame colors to choose from
  • Available in custom sizes

Snap Frame Movie Poster Lightbox

Snaps open, change posters easily

Wood Frame Movie Poster Lightbox

Resembles wood, retains elegance for a lifetime

 Made in Canada 

We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada     

Our LED movie poster  light boxes are all CSA/UL approved and come with a warranty

Illuminated Movie Poster Lightbox Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier


Our illuminated movie poster light boxes are all CSA/UL approved and comes with a warranty

Movie poster frame light boxes are elegant additions to any movie theater. It combines the beauty of a film, lights, and colors to create an out of the world ambiance for your space. Your film experience will never be the same again is all we say when it comes to our latest addition – illuminated movie poster lightbox.

Our light boxes are built from scratch at our shop located in the North of Toronto, Canada. All the components including the frame, electrical, design, and creative are all made to delight the movie buff in you. The product is available in two variants on the basis of the type of frame – wood frame or snap frame

Both our snap frame and wood frame movie poster light boxes offer premium looks and unmatchable lighting performance. The key difference is that it is easier to change the movie poster in a snap frame light box due to its design. The wood frame light box retains more resemblance to real wood giving it the advantage of slightly better looks.

Use cases of back-lit movie poster:

Movie poster light boxes serve multiple purposes that contribute to the aesthetic and functional value of your home theatre.

  • Set the mood: With a bunch of your favorite film posters backlit in elegance, the home theatre is sure to look classy. The film posters you select can change the mood of the setting.
  • Act as a light source: While we cut out all natural light, it is obvious that we need our own source of light. These light boxes emit light and can be combined to be the only source of light in the room. With our in-built or external dimmers that can be controlled with a remote, you can change the amount of light in the room as you watch your favorite movie.
  • Better efficiency: When compared with any other lighting form, our light boxes with inbuilt LEDs have a longer life and saves more energy. These lights also retain brightness even after several years of being your movie light up.

Packages – LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Snap Frames:


LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames - Snap Frames
27×40 Custom Premium LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frame $340  $499
2 pack LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames - Snap Frames
2-Pack 27×40 Custom LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames $670 $949
3 pack LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames - Snap Frames
3-Pack 27×40 Custom Premium LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames  $930 $1,199
4 pack LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames - Snap Frames
4- Pack 27×40 Custom Premium LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames $1,220 $2,400
5 pack LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames - Snap Frames
5-Pack 27×40 Custom Premium LED Light Box Movie Poster Display Frames $1,500 $3,000

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Features of our Back-lit Movie Poster Lightbox:

Multiple frame colors

Our Snap Frame Movie Poster Lightbox comes in three frame color options namely Black, White, and Silver. Black is the most popular and blends into any setting, however, if you want to give it your won creative twist, we are up for it. Please note that the Wood Frame Movie Poster Lightbox is only available in one frame color- Black.

Super bright light

The LED Panel we utilize for lighting the lightbox is assembled in our Toronto shop. This is done to guarantee that our customers get absolute quality and output when it comes to lightbox performance.

Set your own brightness with the remote dimmer

Admit it, we have all been there- struggling between too bright or too dim lighting for your movie room be it a home theatre, living room, or even the bedroom. With our superior lightbox, this uncertainty will be a thing of the past. Our lightboxes give you the option of having a remote dimmer that lets you adjust the brightness of your lightbox. In this way, you can choose to have the perfect light intensity and also do not have to walk up to the switch to turn lights off as it can be done on the remote. 

Energy efficient

All our lightboxes use LED Panels for lighting and therefore consume less energy than normal sources. LED lights by design consume less electricity and dissipate considerably less heat. Both of these factors help reduce your electricity bill.

Differences Between A Wood Frame and A Snap Frame in Movie Poster Lightbox:

If you are confused about choosing between a Wood Frame or a Snap Frame lightbox, don’t worry a bit – We are here to help!

Which movie poster lightbox to buy? Here’s a video that will help.

Snap Frame and Wood Frame – Helping You Decide Which Movie Poster Lightbox To Buy

Mounting of our LED lit movie posters:

On a Wood Frame Movie Poster Lightbox, the mounting mechanism works with 2 “Z” clips that clip onto each other. One of the clips comes pre-installed on your lightbox. The other “Z” clip will be sent to you along with the lightbox and goes on the wall.

On a Snap Frame Movie Poster Lightbox, there is one “Z” clip, and the rear end of the frame is designed to lock on to the wall mounted “Z” clip.

The first step would be drilling in the “Z’ clip on the wall where you want to mount the lightbox. Once it is done, you only have to place the lightbox in such a way that the lightbox clip comes on top and locks into the wall “Z” clip.

Here’s a 1-minute video that explains the mounting process in 7 easy steps.

Mounting A Movie Poster Lightbox In 7 Easy Steps

Why order wholesale movie poster lightbox from us?

The Prime Light Boxes Movie Poster Lightbox is easy to set up, cost-effective, easily modifiable, and leaves no lasting impact on your wall. 99% of similar products in the market currently fail to achieve two or more of the above-mentioned features. The product comes in custom sizes and is suitable for all common mini-theatre settings. We also have the option to create the lightboxes in custom sizes and frame colors as per your requirement.


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