Trade Show Preparation: All You Need To Know

Trade shows are expensive to attend and its exhausting! With all the expenses and efforts, it’s important to take necessary steps before, during, and after the show, to make it worth it.

Plan Ahead. To have an effective trade show exhibit, you need to plan (depending on the design) 4 to 6 months prior to the show time. Having a good design, an appealing booth, and all the materials prepared, take time. Poor planning would cause delay in getting the displays, and would mean missing the deadlines at the show. Those deadlines may include the equipment rentals, or getting necessary services and materials at lower rates. Planning a head of the show also includes developing a marketing strategy, and setting goals for your display. Without setting goals, it would be difficult to understand your target audience, and targeted message, and you wouldn’t be able to attract the leads you hope for, to make your time at the show worthwhile. Well thought planning of your needs and your marketing strategy can lead to a more effective, and at the same time, less expensive, trade show exhibit.

Read the Exhibitor’s Manual. Part of an affective planning is going through the exhibitor’s manual, which has all the details you need to know about the show. Failing to get all the information about the available equipment and services, and about the rules will cause higher costs, poor preparation, and at the end, an ineffective booth. Also, each trade show has it’s own rules, such as the allowable height, or delivery deadlines, that can impact your display design, and your overall presence in the show. It’s important to read the manual before you design your booth, to make sure you or the company that designs your booth comply’ s with the rules.

Design the Booth Right. It’s important that your displays, in terms of size and overall design, match you marketing goals and vision. Wrong designs can cost more, and impact your effectiveness. For example, an overcrowded booth may discourage visitors to approach you. On the other hand, a smaller booth may not fit your business needs, or may make your business insignificant compared to your competition.

Make the Quality Your Priority. The overall cost and the quality of the trade show booth are the most important aspects in everybody’s mind. Focusing on the quality of the design is the key. Many exhibitors try to lower the costs by using cheap materials and cheap design services, which would result in unattractive, and ineffective displays, that wear out quickly, and do not work the way you expect. An experienced exhibit company can introduce you innovative design that meet your budget, while offer you solutions that look beautiful and professional.

If you follow these simple ideas, you may save yourself money, stress, and time. By planning ahead, studying the details written in the manual, designing a well thought booth, and focusing on the quality instead of the cost, you can have a unique and cost effective booth, and experience a very successful show.

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