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Get to know the 5 key types of light boxes including all the features, advantages, disadvantages and ultimately make an informed decision. This article is all you need to understand the world of light boxes from our experts at Prime Light Boxes.

Knowing Light Boxes

A good light box brings together quality components, creativity in designing and expertise in aligning both technology and creativity. Based on your requirements, there are multiple formats of light boxes to choose from.

At Prime Light Boxes, we mainly produce the following types:

All these light box variants are versatile and offer you the option to customize them according to your specific needs.

Snap frame light box as the name denotes include an artwork placed inside a frame that can be snapped open. This is undoubtedly the most common type of light box and finds application in both retail and home setting. 

Easy setup and easy artwork changing features make snap frame light boxes the best choice for retail. For example, if you have an apparel business, snap frames offer you year-round value as you can change your featured artwork from summer collections to fall or winter as and when you choose. 


Snap frame light boxes utilize an edge-lit lighting pattern. In this pattern, LED bulbs are installed on the edges of the frame and light reaches the frame through a panel. This panel is laser cut and engraved to create computer aligned punctures that transmit light.

Even though the frame is technically edge-lit, it gives the brightness and evenness of a backlit panel because of the laser engraving.


This light box is light in weight for wall mounted applications and sits quite elegantly on the wall with our pre-installed ‘Z’ clip. However, for hanging applications snap frames tend to be heavier than similar options like fabric light boxes. The double sided snap frame light boxes can be hung to your windows or glass walls using our unique hanging wire and bracket. 

 The biggest limitation of a snap frame light box is that it can only be made in a maximum size of 4 ft. x 8 ft. and any application larger than this would require a fabric light box.

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Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes are lightweight, versatile and can be made in any size on the basis of your requirement. There are multiple ways in which we customize this light box and therefore it is a great choice for business advertising and decor options alike.

Types of Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes offer several customization options and we manufacture five different types. All of the fabric light boxes we manufacture are chosen after evaluating industry requirements. We also offer custom options based on specific customer demands, if you have any such request, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The first choice that you have to make for fabric light boxes is to decide whether you want it to be single or double sided. Normally, our customers who would like to hang or make the light box stand against a transparent glass wall would choose a double sided one. This gives you a chance to communicate either the same message or different messages on each side of the light box. If you are looking at wall mounting it on a regular opaque wall, it is ideal to choose the single sided fabric light box. 

If you look at single sided options, the key advantage is that it can be made at a frame thickness range of >1 inch to 3 inches. Such thin frames ensure that full viewer attention remains on your artwork/creative and not on the thick edges of your display frame.


Fabric light boxes can be made in both edge-lit and back-lit patterns depending on your application. In addition, these light boxes can also be made as single-sided or double-sided. In a commercial setting, double sided fabric light boxes are of immense use as you can reach twice the number of customers simultaneously. 

 Fabric light boxes are also called as frameless light boxes as the frame can hardly be seen due to its peculiar design. In this manner, you as a marketer will be able to make more immersive content for your audience.


Frameless fabric light boxes can be in a wall-mounted, hanging or even free-standing position for installation. Freestanding fabric light boxes find great use in tradeshows and exhibitions. They create value in communicating to and impressing customers and participants. With a fabric light box, if you have the right message, we have the right technology and design skills to help you make a powerful statement. 

Since there is enough space on the inside to house the power supply, we place the supply boxes inside. This leaves only a single power cable out and helps you maintain a cordless look adding to its overall beauty.

In Short

LED Light Panels

LED light panels are the light source for all our light boxes and can be made in different sizes and shapes. At Prime Light Boxes, we manufacture both acrylic and backlit LED light panels that can be used in all your business, advertising or home applications.

Types of LED Light Panels

LED light panels are manufactured in both acrylic and backlit patterns of lighting. A laser engraved acrylic sheet is used to manufacture an acrylic LED light panel. This type is also termed a Light Guided Panel as the edge-lit LEDs are guided through the frame to achieve an even light output. 

The advantage of an Acrylic LED Panel is that it is considerably thin and the image or the material that is backlit can be placed above it. This feature helps us utilize an acrylic LED panel in certain specific applications that require a thinner lighting system. Another key advantage is that it can be made with color changing (RGB) LEDs to create fascinating light color alterations. The limitation of an acrylic LED panel is that the maximum size is limited to 4ft. X 8 ft and any light box bigger than this requires a backlit panel. 

Backlit LED light panels on the other hand can be used to make light boxes in literally any size. LED lights are mounted on the sheet in entirety resulting in increased brightness.The sheet acts as a heat sink and prolongs the life of LED modules by preventing it from heating up too much. In addition, backlit LED panels can also be double-sided thereby offering double the visibility for your business.  Unlike acrylic LED panels, backlit panels are thicker and would display more frame on the light box, this becomes a limitation if you need a thinner frame setting. 


LED light panels are the heart and soul of any light box and is of utmost importance. As we discussed above, we make acrylic LED panels in edge-lit lighting pattern and backlit LED panels in the backlit pattern. It is also possible for us to install a dimmer on the light box with an acrylic LED panel. This option combines efficiency and elegance by allowing the user to change light brightness at will. It adds great aesthetic value and allows remote operation of the light box with a remote control. At Prime Light Boxes, we are always experimenting and made a classy backlit wine rack using this type of panel, check it out here.


The mounting of LED panels depend on the type of lightbox to which they  are installed. Looking from that perspective, LED light panel in a light box could be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling or could even be free-standing.

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Wood Frame LED Light Box

Wood frame LED light boxes combine the aesthetic appeal of wooden frame and the performance of an LED panel. This combination creates a light box that can be used in any space that needs a facelift. Common applications are in retail, restaurants, homes and offices. 

This light box finds practical application in dimly lit basements with no windows. In such a situation, this light box addresses both concerns by showing a beautiful outdoor view while lighting up the room. 


Wood frame light boxes are made using backlit LED panels and retains high quality brightness for a long time. The wood-like frame that is used for this light box gives it a timeless elegance that only improves with time.

These light boxes can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large and the frame can be colored to suit your setting. 


Wood frame LED light box can be wall mounted using the ‘Z’ bar that we attach to it. This is a simple process and only needs you to drill and install a bracket to your wall. The ‘Z’ bar on the frame sits comfortably on the bracket and once locked, remains put without any movements. This locking design makes it easy for you to take the light box out and clean the glass surface occasionally to keep it dust free.

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Non-Lit Frames

While back-lit frames take the crown when it comes it to attracting attention and enhancing the beauty of a setting, non-lit frames can improve it further. We manufacture two types of non-lit frames, namely, SEG frames and Snap Frames.

Types of Non-lit Frames

Artwork in a snap frame is placed inside the frame after opening the snaps and closed back again to hold the artwork in place.

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics and denotes the way in which the artwork is installed on the frame. The artwork is made with a silicone strip sewn into the edges for easy installation and a neat finish. The silicon edge is pushed into the frame from edges to the center to give the whole display a frameless look.

Silicone Edges

Pushed into the Frame


A non-lit light box does not have any of the complicated lighting techniques. Major components are the frame and the artwork installed on it. Depending on whether you choose to get a Snap or SEG frame, the installation technique would differ.


We manufacture non-lit snap and SEG frames in the exact same dimensions that we create backlit snap frame light boxes and backlit fabric light boxes respectively. The maximum size limitation of 4ft. X 8ft. is applicable for a non-lit snap frame too. Non-lit snap frames can be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling, especially if it is double sided. Non-lit SEG frames could be wall mounted, hung or can be free standing according to the size and dimension. To know about the exact sizing, please read Mounting of Fabric Light Boxes.

In Short



Light boxes are a powerful tool to attract, capture and retain your audience’s attention. All of us including our target customers are bombarded with many advertising messages. This oversupply of ad content has created an aversion to such content. Today, people practice selective ignorance and non-reaction to such ad content. In order to get their attention overpowering this mental state, you need a combination of creative ad messages displayed on modern platforms like a light box. 

The quality of your light box determines the impact it has on target customers. Like a chain reaction, this quality again depends entirely on the expertise of your manufacturer. 

We conclude with 5 key questions to mandatorily ask before confirming your light box order with any supplier. You can also find our answer below each question so that you don’t have to ask us again. 

5 Questions To Ask Your Light Box Supplier

1. Where is the light box manufactured?

     A: All our light boxes are manufactured at our shop in Richmond Hill, to the north of Toronto, Canada. 

2. Do you have any certification to prove your expertise?

     A: All Prime Light Boxes products are CSA/UL (Canada and USA) certified for sale in North America.

3. Do you have a physical address?

     A: Yes, we are located at 23 West Beaver Creek Rd #9, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1K5 and are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM. Find us on Google Maps here.

4. Do I have to pay any customs duties or taxes when I order from the United States?

     A: No, due to the NAFTA agreement, you do not have to pay anything extra when you order from us.

5. Do you offer any guarantee or warranty?

     A: Yes, we offer a 3-year warranty for all our light boxes and a 1-year warranty for power supply products.

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